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Friday, June 17, 2011

400 THANKS!!

To all of my now 400 followers, thank you  for sampling Life by Chocolate.
 Your support makes me very, very happy.

PS In case you can't read or view/enlarge the graphic (I'm still plagued by posting problems):
~I'm thinking I wouldn't mind if that hottie tweeted me.
~Millie and Gertie are hoping you didn't notice they're recycled from my 300 post.
~And I've bestowed much gratitude, love and chocolate to my 400 followers! 
Have a wonderful weekend! xo Robyn


  1. As one of the 400 (I feel like a Spartan. Oh, wait. That was 300. Ooops), I say "You're welcome." If your blog was lousy, none of us would be here.
    I STILL love the picture. Except (like I've said before) for that dude in the gray swim trunks.

  2. Congratulations, Robyn!! Well deserved. Now if Blogger would just let me find your blog in Google Reader, that would be perfect.

  3. That's awesome! Have a great weekend Robyn!!

  4. Thanks, Al, Alex, and Sarah. I'll keep trying to figure out this feed problem, Alex. Sorry. Wish it would just resolve itself. Thanks Al ;)
    Sarah, we'll catch up soon.
    Have a great weekend. xo

  5. I'm craving chocolate sooo bad. This was probably not the right time to swing by here. Ha ha. Congrats, Robyn!

  6. congrats on the big 400, Robyn - it goes without saying it's totally deserved - David

  7. Wow! Congrats on the 400! You can't see but I am dancing a bit for ya.....ooooo my back! can't see but I'm clapping for ya!ooooo owie hangnail

    umer can't see me but I'm SMILING!

    Blessings, Joanne

  8. You are just the cutest little Jewish girl! You need to find a nice doctor, or a lawyer, or a diamond merchant! Thanks for all the great "chocolate" your 400 followers have received from your blog!!

  9. Congrats Robyn...
    I guess I've been around here for a long time. I remember you getting 300, 200 and even 100!
    There's a reason you are getting so many followers.... You're a great person with a fantastic blog!

  10. Congratulations and celebrations on the magical figures of 400...enjoy your weekend.

  11. I'm proud of you Robyn! Woohoo! High five! xo

  12. Congrats Robyn!! I just hit 200 followers.

    I never did get that cake you were suppose to mail.

  13. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all of you!

    PTM, you never got it? Dangit, the mail service is slower than I thought. Don't worry, I'll make you another one today, with triple layers of frosting - just the way I (er, you) like it!


  14. Sorry Ally. ;)

    Joanne, love it. Sorry about your back and hangnail, but your smile is beautiful. I can imagine it! xo

    Judie, you always make me laugh. Yeah, where's the damn Jewish doctor who's not a hardened criminal or married or frickin weird? Oy gevalt. [-:

    Rek, you are the best! xo

    Pat, Marnie, and PTM, we've been buds through it all. Your friendships mean a lot. =)

    Happy weekend! xo

  15. woohoo! Can't believe you have 400 followers already. You go, girl! Congrats!

  16. Whoooooo Hooooooooooooo!

    You rock!

    Love and kisses, Misses!


  17. Thanks, MF and John. Love you both. xoRobyn

  18. Wow!! Go you!! I personally feel privileged to be one of the 400. :) Congrats!!