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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Retail Inspired Questions

A recent shopping excursion left me with a few unanswered questions. Perhaps you have some answers. (?) If so, please share.

Question #1: Why is there always a man in the women's lingerie department? Further, this particular man does not appear to accompany any particular woman. Instead, he leans leisurely against a bra rack, positioned to NEVER leave. And it's not just any bra rack he leans against. It's the one in the center of the store with the pretty lacy bras on sale (the rack I'd peruse were he not leaning against it), as if it's his daily hangout spot. ??

Question #2:  Why are the cheery sales clerks who graciously escort me to the dressing rooms, thereupon offering to answer any questions I may have, always named Amanda??

ANY questions, Amanda? My mind races with possibilities! Say Amanda, who's the dumbest of the Kardashians? Oh never mind, we all know that one. Tell me, Amanda, will I have sex again before I die? And which Republican Presidential hopeful is making the biggest *bleeeeeeep* of himself?

Question #3: Why is there no end to final sales??

It's a good thing I only shop for clothes once every 15 years. My brain can only take so much.


  1. Oh, I've seen guys like that!!!! No idea why they just hang there. Pervy sorts? Or maybe they're just horny types? Perhaps they want to see what most women buy, so they can get something they know their girlfriends would like...yeah, not likely because that requires too much effort.

    I always laugh at the final sales. They should be called the never ending final sale.

  2. I seriously doubt that guys like this hang around these departments to figure out what their "lady" friends would like.

  3. I don't do much shopping, especially for "lingerie". The places I shop, it's just called bras and panties and the only male I usually see, is the one I insisted had to go there with me. LOL! I rarely ask for help, so I don't know the salesgirls names.

  4. Various men, including David Beckham, have been known to enjoy wearing ladies' underwear, although usually the panties rather than the bra. Maybe there should be a section for them in menswear, including specially designed moob brassieres.

  5. Your comments block has given me more information than I ever wanted about lingerie and men and Beckman. YUCK!

    That guy, by the bras, I think I dated him once. Creepy! LoL

  6. My question is: why is the lighting in changing rooms designed to make you look pale and washed out, and frankly pretty darn awful in the clothes you're trying on? Surely that's just counter-productive!

  7. I guess that the first guy you mentioned is just a bit of a weirdo, maybe occasionally it's a bloke doing some lone shopping though, just maybe! Interesting questions though Robyn, and honestly I'm not sure what the answers to any of them are. I only know one Amanda over here in person.

  8. The guy hanging out is hoping to meet a woman with big... well, you get the idea.
    I want to know why every sale is Penney's greatest ever.

  9. Frisky and Stephen,
    You've both made me laugh. Thanks. Yes, guys like that aren't likely hovering around sales racks with noble intentions.

    MsA, I hate shopping, especially for lingerie. The creepy guys like that only make it worse.

    GB, you are so full of trivial information. I appreciate it and am all the wiser. Thanks.

    Faraways, LOL. I dated him once too. We met by the panties. Eww, just gave myself a dose of yuck with that joke.'

    Annalisa, yes, it's stupidly designed to make a gal look worse and more morbid than ever.

    YW, I don't know. He never appears to buy anything.

    Alex, true. He's probably got a good view of the DDD's. And there's no high-powered strategic planning involved with sales.

    Thanks, all.

  10. LOL shopping is my idea of hell, so I loved your post. The guy at the lingerie department is classic. Also love the questions to Amanda LOL. Thanks for the laughs to start my day. :D

  11. # 1 – His equivalent is here. Let’s peruse those “racks” (so to speak) anyway – ask for his opinion on our choices.
    # 2 – In Toronto, her name is Nancy.
    # 3 – Because despite what’s on the “final sales” sign, we’re paying full price.
    Every 15 years?! You’re a shopaholic!

  12. Maybe the first guy is just trying to get some insight or one of those stat collecters seeing what people buy. Or just a creeper.

    Maybe she just likes to watch.

    final sales occurs so they see if you can get the joke.

  13. HAHA guy #1 might be husband waiting for me to try on yet another contraption of death...

  14. You found my ex. Sorry about that. When I told him to go FAR FAR away, I didn't know he would go west.

  15. Two words: online shopping. Problems solved.

  16. I do not just lean on that Rack! I often move to the Undie section!

    The Undie section I call- Re TAIL!! Ar AR!!!!! Oh I'm so funny!

    The other two questions are unanswerable!

  17. Julie, I'm so glad to make you laugh. Thank you. We should start a Women Who Hate to Shop Club.

    Beth, it would be fun to shake him up a bit. Then again, he might not be phased if we involve him in "rack" chatter. Good to know that Nancy is Amanda in Canadian. And that's spot on about "final sales." They just keep changing the signs but not the prices.

    Pat, just a creeper, I'd say. Good answers. I appreciate it.

    Baygirl, oh I didn't mean to insult your husband. Sorry, but would you ask him to kindly lean on a non-sales rack next time? Thanx!

    Oh now, Miley. Quick, go into hiding. I sent him East and have a feeling he'll stop in your neighborhood. PS Great comment. Thanks!

    Sarah, I could never do on-line shopping. As it is, clothes always appears acceptable until I put it on. I'd be sending everything back.

    John, I thought that was you gawking at the pink panties. At least you were kind enough to give the bra rack some breathing room. Thanks, dear, silly silly man! LYMI

  18. I give dirty looks to those guys.

    And they are all named Amanda because the name tag only COMES in "Amanda".


    You're welcome.


  19. "Why are the cheery sales clerks...
    ...always named Amanda??"

    There's always A man, duh!

  20. #1: The man may be sentenced to accompany his wife on a shopping excursion to the mall (aka "Guy Hell"). Exhausted by countless perusals of this piece of apparel or that, he consoles himself by leaning against a rack (hee hee hee...I said 'rack') of that which he most desires.
    Either that, or he's a perv out for a little "peekaboo."

  21. Wow Robyn, you really over-thought this whole retail shopping experience thing...except for the creep bra rack guy (hey, I just got it..bra...rack, that's funny). Where else WOULD you find a bra, am I right??

  22. Next time bring your pepper spray and taser just in case! It is ridiculous how some stores do always have a "final sale" announcement! BTW, frothy chocolate drinks and other snacks do make shopping more enjoyable! Julie

  23. 1. You live near lots of creepers.
    2. The creepers got jobs and dress up as women named Amanda. Get it? A man da.
    3.I got nothin'.

  24. He he. I used to work retail...scary how I got flashbacks.

    Robyn my've been tagged. Go over to my blog. Painless I promise :0)

  25. Glad to find another non-shopper...Changing rooms in general are just weird..

    As a guy, sometimes we do go there to buy for our partners... and yeah, we get the staredown.. personally i find it a bit sexist... afterall,, what's so wrong with a guy sniffing the knickers? Just want to make sure theyve never been worn is all.. haha

  26. love this post. True, true, all of it true. :)

  27. Sorry, no Amanda's here though we have the local common names floating around...
    Maybe someone gave him the wrong direction to "the" and now he get his thrills at a throwaway price.
    Gosh, did I write that nasty comment? Need to get my head checked.

  28. Maybe he is a Secret Shopper? Jobs are not allowed to discriminate.

    The stress of shopping for lingerie encourages me to forget as many details of the event as possible including the sales clerk's name.

  29. Pearl, I'm loving your point about the "Amanda" name badge. It all makes sense now! Thank you.

    IT, very clever. I didn't even think about it that way. Thanks.

    Al, hee hee, you said "rack". LOL.

    Chuck, sometimes I'm slow on the uptake of my own jokes. I didn't consider the redundancy of the term "bra rack" until you pointed that out. Thank you! I'm now humored and enlightened.

    Julie, yes, a frothy chocolate drink in one hand, a taser in the other, and I'm good to go shopping. I like it. Thank you.

    Ruth, you got me laughing and that ain't nothing. I appreciate it.

    Marnie, sorry to bring up some possibly painful and definitely strange memories. Thanks for the tag.

    Anthony, "sniffing the knickers," oh my, I can't stop laughing! Thank you, but please do cease the sniffing. I make this request on behalf of Australian womankind.

    Thanks, Dawn. Glad you get it, though I'm sorry you know the creepy bra rack guy too.

    Rek, nasty comment? No. It was an astute, factual observation, that's all. Thank you.

    Teri, I know - shopping's bad enough. But shopping for lingerie is the worst - with or without the creepy bra racker.


  30. Those guys are soooooooo creepy! And it's hard to find a lingerie store or section without one of them!

  31. LOL!
    you never fail to make me laugh, my dearest robyn.

    i love your sense of humour.
    so thank you for that. all you said is very true.

    hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    those guys are so creepy indeed!

  32. I was a younger version of number one. Not because I wanted to be seen as a creeper, but because my friend had found a wonderful girlfriend in the same manner at the same store.

  33. I live in a bigger town than you do and I have to shop the queen sized section. (What does royalty have to do with it?) But I was appalled one day to realize that when I went to shop one of the *never to be offered again lower than low price sales* ... it was me ... and a couple of cross dressers perusing the racks! I was grateful that at least we weren't choosing the same outfits to carry to the dressing room!

  34. Jemi, thank you! Yes, it seems impossible to avoid those creeps.

    Betty, your messages always make me smile. I'm sorry you have those creepy bra rack guys in your part of the world too. Be well, sweet friend.

    Shockgrubs, thanks for your honesty. It helps to understand the mentality behind these bra-rackers. And I didn't mention in my post that the one I saw appeared to be picking up on the sales woman.

    Beth, your comment is full of so many gems. I'm still laughing out loud. Thank you.


  35. Men should NOT be allowed to pause and stare in the lingerie department. As a matter of fact, they should be outlawed.

    Damn, I hate it too. I want to look at those sexy things WITHOUT someone watching me pick out my panties and bras....

  36. #1. Damn! I guess I need a better disguise!
    #2. Amanda is the model name for the newest android created for retail purposes.
    #3. Final sale is usually reserved for going out of business. If that happens all the "Amanda" droids will end up on the scrap heap. (or maybe in a Tijuana brothel.



  38. I promise, the Amanda's of the world have nothing against you. :) Guys like that? Douche bags.