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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anti-Valentine's Day Chocolate GIVEAWAY, Take 2

The competition's fierce and friendly; see last blog post comments. Enter to win (or lose), while there's still time!
We can't ignore it any longer. Chocolate prices started skyrocketing on New Year's Day, and stores are full of mini "I LUV U" t-shirts sported by stuffed animals so hideous looking it's difficult to decipher if they're bears or armadillos. Clearly I have issues. I also hate February 14th. So I've decided to channel my V-Day venom into a noble cause: giving out chocolate to you, my dear readers.

To play, complete the thought, "Roses are..." in no more than 25 words (You don't need to count "roses are", so you actually have up to 27 words to play with). Leave your responses in the comments section here. You can write a poem, prose, haiku, limerick, or utter nonsense. 

I will send sweet packages to the two people whose entries make me laugh the loudest, with a preference for anti-Valentine's Day sentiment. Winners will be announced by February 13th. Good luck and good chocolate.


  1. Roses are dead, alone in my bed,
    What's a gal to do?
    You come along, singing my song,
    overtaking all reason--you could tempt me to treason (so bitter sweet)
    You won't hear me pout over calorie count
    My shining star, I love you darling: chocolate bar

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are purple
    I love pancakes
    with maple surple...

  3. you sure got my anti-valentines day juices flowing too. Just wait until that stupid day comes due..haha

  4. Roses are fragile. So am I. Hurt me once and I'll punch in you the eye.

  5. Having failed, again, to get my Singles Awareness Day cards in the mail, I resolve to punish myself by checking the Facebook statuses of all my previous boyfriends.

    That oughta learn me...


  6. You have many great poems to choose,
    I will be back to play to lose.


  7. I've already put an idea in Robyn so I won't this time. But I have to say Betty's comment is amazing, seriously made me laugh out loud for once!

  8. Roses are red, Violets are Blue??? Really-

    Valentines Day, again and again,
    puts undue pressure, on both Sexes,

    I mean can you get edible undies, for all of your Exes?

    27- Yeah Baby!!! Send some Chocolate to the Juan and Only MAN in yo life!!!!!

    Hugs and LYMI,


  9. Haha, these are so good. I love you all. It's going to be very difficult to decide, I've been laughing so much.

    Tammy, I can actually hear Barry Manilow singing that one. (Sorry if that concept ruins it.) Very clever!

    Pat, that's laugh out loud silly. Thank you!

    Pearl, that's a good strategy, in a twisted sorta way. I can't find any of my exes on facebook (not that I've, like, looked for them or anything); they're hiding. Guess they know me too well.

    Betty and John, you are priceless and so are your poems.

    Thank you!

  10. Roses are obnoxious
    for Valentine's Day's toxic
    appeal to the unreal
    set of obligated shoppers
    who need stoppers
    to plug in their passion
    for this horrorday obsession

  11. Roses are the easiest way,
    For guys to show they care.
    With one call they can save the day,
    While lying on the couch in their underwear.

    Sorry, but I said I'd be back.

  12. Merry, "horrorday obsession" is the perfect description. Thanks for vising and entering.

    No apologies, Julie. I like it. It's true. They don't even specify preference for the thornless variety.


  13. Seriously, roses are thorny and chocolates are fattening, and I hate Februry 14th, too. But one look at my so called 'love' and I'm back to the dark and fattening obsession!! Happy Non Valentine's Day, Robyn!!!

  14. Meryl, forgive my typo. My brain's at its worst when my fingers hit the keyboard. I didn't mean to call you Merry, but I hope you are.

    Sarah, thank you! You too.

  15. Roses are the noses,

    sniffing hardened heart from chest.

    Thorny are the wounds,

    arise from delicate kisses of pain.

    Deigned are my thoughts,

    Why me, Cupid?

  16. Haha, just went through and read them. Thanks for this outlet, Robyn. Betty's had me keeping my guard up.

  17. Hi Robyn, I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by and grab yours.Hugs~Ames

  18. I hate roses. Roses are the Barbie Doll of flowers. Pretty, but empty, a floral bimbo with fake plastic charm that lasts, but an hour.

    Not poetry, but it's the way I feel about those darned flowers. ;)

  19. aah, i've been uncreative lately...i think you know why, but i really enjoyed your post/posts.

    you always put a smile on my face.


  20. Roses - they suck
    Viloets do too
    So I ain't buyin'
    Any for you!

    (But I'd buy them for you, dear friend. Happy Singles Awareness Day.)

  21. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my followers. Will you all be my Valentine, er Anti-Valentine?


  22. Roses are red
    And so are my eyes
    When I go near them
    It's so unwise
    The thorns they stab me
    And that's no fun
    But worse ... much worse
    When my nose starts to run!

    Okay ... I disqualified myself by going over. LOL! Can you tell I'm seriously allergic to the stupid things?

    May I PLEASE have your mailing addresses. I'm on a mission (this year) to make mailboxes happy places. :)

  23. Argh ... just ONE address required! Thanks!

  24. I know I already sent you a poem, but the "muse" is in me. Either that, or the dinner I had at Taco Bell is kicking my ass.

    Valentine candy is swell
    be it chocolates or lemon sours
    But, you dumped me for Leon.
    So, I'll just piss on your flowers.