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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude and Elitism

Dear friends, 
This one is part of a longer (but not terribly long) article published here--in case you're interested.
We are the elite. We are the privileged.  It’s not the one percent the Occupy movement’s focused on. It’s a much larger populace: the millions or even billions of people in wealthier nations, those who live with a roof over their heads, clean water, electricity, Internet access and so many more luxuries that we whine about daily.

Consider these facts:

· 75% of the world has no Internet access.

· 2/3 of the world goes hungry; 1/3 are starving and 1/3 are underfed.

· Nearly half of the world lives on less than $2.50 per day.

· An estimated 25% has no access to any form of healthcare.

· 25% of the world has no electricity.

· Nearly 20% of the world has no clean water.

Statistics provided by Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers and other Google Internet search sites.

There’s more, of course. For now, though, we certainly have much reason for gratitude. We are, after all, the privileged elite.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not (Americans tend to forget others don't), may you appreciate an abundance of blessings, including fair-trade chocolate, this holiday season. 

Your comments and support are invaluable to me. I'm extremely grateful. Love to you!
Dear Hanukah Harry,
Thanks for finding my blog. One more follower (and then another 30) would be really, really nice. That's all I ask. I know I should be grateful for what I have, and I am. I'm just tired of staring at that 9 in my following. I want it to turn into a zero. I've been a good girl this year. Yeah, yeah, it's only 'cuz I didn't have opportunity for transgression but that's not the point. I do hope you'll hook me up. Wink.


  1. While I'm truly thankful for my blessings every single day of the year, I dislike the holidays. I'm always especially thankful when they are over.

  2. You really put it in perspective. There are so many things that are taken for granted or things that people think of as necessary that really are luxuries. Every time I lose power and have to go out to the well to pump water to flush the toilet, I am glad knowing that it will come back on sometime.

  3. In America we truly have much to be grateful for. Happy thanksgiving.

  4. Thank you Robyn for helping me realize that I have so much to be grateful for. To me gratitude is an achievement and blessing in itself, some have it and some don't - those are really the less fortunate because they seem to have everything but none of it can make them happy.

  5. Wow I never knew the internet access stat was so large. We truly have a lot to be thankful for.

  6. great thoughts and perspective!
    i have much to be grateful for...

    however, i'm not a holiday person for some reason.

    big hugs!xo

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Robyn - we all have so much to be thankful for every single day!

  8. Thank you, friends. Like a few of you, I dislike the holidays. It's a sad time for me. I explain this in the rest of my article.

    But we shall make it through. Enjoy your blessings.


  9. You definitely have put things in perspective for me and we don't even celebrate Thanksgiving over in Ireland! Have an excellent Thanksgiving regardless Robyn, thanks very much for making people realise how lucky they really are, great post as usual.

  10. Robyn, here's hoping for those thirty-one more followers!

  11. We are a blessed people. I hear complaints all day down at the factory and I shake my head and wonder if these co-workers have any idea in how good we truly have life; Great post

  12. “To whom much is given, much is expected...” If only we (the privileged) - consciously and always - lived this way.

    (and, yes, the holiday seasons can be a challenge - for a variety of reasons)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Robyn!

    I am at work, catching up on my reading. Great post friend!

    I just had two pieces of pumpkin pie, before dinner...


    I may skip dinner and move back to the dessert cabinet and select the delicious looking chocolate thing, looking kinda mousse like, calling my name!

    Hope you are enjoying your day!

    Love ya! Lisa

  14. Thanks for the perspective! Happy Thanksgiving, Robyn!

  15. I am really impressed with your article Robyn. It is so important to be grateful for all that we have, though the holiday season is often a sad time for many. I'm so sorry that you lost your mom so long ago. Although I 've only known you for a short time, I'm sure that your mom would be very proud of the wonderful woman that you've become.

  16. Yes, you're soooo right. We do take everything for granted. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. By the way, who is Hanukah Harry? Is he the equivalent of Santa? Or is he really a secret friend?

  17. Great post, Robyn. You are so right. When panic at my house starts with "My music library on iTunes has disappeared!!!" I know that we have it pretty damn good.
    I know how to push you above 469 followers. Don't worry!

  18. Al told me you wanted to get that '9' out of your following box (golly, that sounds dirty). Well-voila!-it's gone.
    My blog is much more local than Al's, but you never know, you may find a nugget or two which will make you chuckle.

  19. Happy American Thanksgiving Robyn!

  20. Yes is is always good to stop,look around and see what you have and what a lot of people don't.I truly am great full for what I have. Great post

  21. Ken, I love you and Al! Thanks so very much! xo

    Julie, thanks for reading my article and for the sweet, heartfelt message. I appreciate our connection.

    Ros, I didn't know this until now but I think Hanukah Harry is actually a man by the name of Ken Lynch. I'm not sure if others believe in him but I do.

    I really appreciate all of you.
    Enjoy your blessings and fair-trade chocolate.

  22. Yeah here! Very well said.. so many people whine.. while they live in luxury.. without taking stock..see it all the time on facebook.. grr ' I hate my life' blah blah...If they internet, they're rich...

    (not quite sure I get the 9 business but you have a great following..I know its a joke.. sorry i think i missed it...)

    But well said...

  23. Here's hoping you get your Hanukah hook-up and it works for you! Hope you had a great T-Day. Thanks for the sobering stats to keep it all real.

  24. So true. We really are blessed. Thanks, Robyn. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. :)