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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don't Bring on the Cling-ons!

Jenny Matlock

The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words, based on a prompt. I encourage you to jump aboard. It's great practice, and I've met wonderful peers this way. Plus, Jenny's our favorite teacher.

I'm afraid I'm still trekking. I'd like to get Spock out of this mess, but the prompts (as bolded below) just keep him entangled. Thus, here's a sequel to the last one.


Don't Bring on the Cling-ons!

"*Bleep!* Spock!" Rita exclaims, tossing the jammies at a dwarf black hole. 

"I can't do cling-ons. I've got too much to achieve. Like, I'd like to teach the world to sing, and enjoy fine jewelry, and I wanna appear on Lenova and stuff - be a shooting star. You know?"

"Ascertain calm and logic, Lohan. Correction, Rita. With your credentials as a Lieutenant-Colonel-Nurse-Practitioner-Phlebotomist-Maid-Assistant Janitor, you shall progress when clinging terminates."

The camera zooms in on an unconvinced Spock - first, in the video; next, in real life. (Note: This is a documentary.)

"The End" crosses the Stars Are Us screen.


  1. O.k., you made me wet my pants with this!! Just what more do you want?? and don't ask for the "good drugs" because I need to save them up for later.

    Seriously, I really needed this laugh today, Robyn!!! Thanks!!!!!

  2. I thought this was going to be about cling-ons around Uranus (there's a junior high schooler brain in me, I must admit).
    Oh, and as far as a "dwarf black hole"? Isn't that an act in Tijuana? OK, I'm done.
    You may now ask, "How OLD are you!!??"

  3. Wow, not sure I can top Al's comments...

    So sad to see the end of your Trekky tome.

    Good job!

  4. This has been such a fun series, Robyn. A virtuoso performance!


  5. I love the 'credentials' - every woman's cv surely?

  6. You crack me up with these Robyn....

  7. A hilarious, clever and skillful job on this and the whole series...

    The good thing about being "creator" is that you may revisit and conjure up new adventures at your leisure !

  8. great ending!

    love these quirky and gamine series!

    betty xx

  9. Judie, I'm so glad. Thanks. Feel free to send me a receipt for new panties. Not that I'll reimburse you, but you can send it anyway. ;0)

    Al, I'm so glad you keep dropping by. I won't say anything about Uranus, though. xo

    June, I appreciate it. And I'm not so sure Spock can disappear so easily. We'll see. [~:

    Sue and UpintheCosmos, thank you. xo

    Jabblog, some mens' too, I suspect. =o)

    IT, that's a really good suggestion for a sequel. I'll mull it over. Thanks. xo

    OT, always glad to amuse you. [o:

    Nonna, artistic liberty is pretty awesome. Isn't it? Thanks for the reminders. xo

    Betty, thank you for the compliment and new word for my vocabulary: "gamine." That's a great word. =o>

  10. hehehe. Loved the "you are everything". A very good take on the prompt.

  11. Cool, cooler getting there for the superlative...a fab series and spock will never be the same again.

  12. omg you are just hilarious ... this has been such a good series!

  13. Thanks for this wonderfully creative series. And you ended it on such funny note!


  14. That Spock is a little on the chauvinistic side isn't he?...Or it? Rita needs to tell him or it to commence the clinging on the "F" off deck because she or it is teleporting to the Space lounge for the evening!~Ames

  15. You are so wickedly clever. I can't believe you've kept this going for so long! You always make me smile! Thanks for participating in SC!

  16. I love these Spock stories. You are just so clever!!