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Friday, May 6, 2011

Choco-Quiz Results: Choco-Smarts Award!

Welcome back, students!

I have the test results for you today. Yeah, that was a tough one. I'd like to blame it on the lack of support for public school teachers, so I will. I'm proud of those of you who gave it a whirl, though. You're a bright bunch. I'll be recommending you for the Advanced Placement Choco-Class in the fall. Save your appetites.

Here are the correct answers, followed by your grades.

1) All of the following are movies (though, reportedly bad ones) EXCEPT:
a) Blood and Chocolate
b) Pilates and Chocolate
c) Sinfully Chocolate
d) Swiss Chocolate: Eye Candy to Die For

2) All of the following are characters in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory EXCEPT:
a) Grandma Josephine
b) Slugworth
c) Mike Teavee
d) Grandpa Joe
e) Violet Beauregard

3) Which candy is made of “two great tastes that taste great together”? Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

4) All of the following are songs (though, probably bad ones, especially if I’m the singer) EXCEPT:
a) Chocolate on My Tongue
b) Chocolate Rain
c) The Chocolate Song
d) Don’t Touch My Chocolate!

5) True or False: The red dye used for M&Ms made in the US (Allura Red AC), is banned in Austria and much of Europe. I know, shocking. The red ones taste best too.

6) To avoid chocolate that’s been tainted by child labor abuses, it’s safest to:
a) Avoid chocolate that originated from West Africa’s Ivory Coast
b) Boycott Hershey’s altogether Yep, sorry to inform. Still, Hershey's ignores these atrocities and supports cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast.
c) Buy fair trade or organic chocolate
d) All of the above
e) A and C

7) My blog button (precious chocolaty nephew, Jeremy) has accurately been captioned with what statement:
a) “Wild about chocolate pudding!”
b) “Now what’s for dinner now, Auntie Robyn?”
c) “The dangers of entrusting babysitting duties to Auntie Robyn” Anyone need a babysitter?
d) “Auntie and I made chocolate cake and ate all the batter.”

8) All of the following are true regarding the Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar pictured above EXCEPT:
a) It’s gluten free
b) Its cholesterol content is 13% . It's only 1% cholesterol.!
c) It’s packaged with 100% recycled paperboard
d) It really does contain bacon

9) True or False: For approximately 25% of chocolate’s history, it was a sugarless beverage. This one was a trick question. I say that because nobody got it right. The percentage is 90. For most of chocolate's history, it was a bitter beverage.

10) True or False: Gregory Peck was originally chosen to play Grandpa Joe in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but he died before filming began.

11) EXTRA CREDIT ~ Give me three 4 (or more)-letter words spelled with the letters in “chocolate”. You may not use: words your classmates already listed, proper nouns, or letters twice (except “c” or “o”, of which there are two). I credited all your offerings, even Gorilla Banana's "achoo." Bless you, GB.

Ready to find out who's best in class? Our star pupils, with amazingly impressive scores of 11 (out of a possible 14 - with the extra credit) each, are Baygirl and TS Hendrik! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO! A+s to you! Please accept the above award for your choco-smarts.
These students should also be proud of their choco-smarts:

Rekha and Joanne  got A's! Smart ladies!
Pat got an A- I knew you'd do well, Pat. 
Cheeseboy B+ for the teacher!
Oilfield Trash and Gorilla Bananas got B's. Good effort, guys.
The rest of you fail, but I still like you.

Have a chocolaty weekend, class.  xo Miss Robyn


  1. This is such a fun post! I'm bummed that I missed the quiz. I wouldn't have done well, though. You would have had to recommed me for chocolate tutoring. ;(

  2. YAY I got a B. I am happy.

    Great and fun post Robyn.

  3. I knew I was doomed to failure so I skipped the quiz! :)

  4. Guess I am chocolate stupid. Challenge you to movie trivia though!

  5. Hooray for Tying with Baygirl! Must be all the Canadian air that makes us smarties.

  6. oh no. I missed the quiz - looks fun, tho....

  7. I'm glad you still like me.... I'm ashamed now to know that my fellow Canadians took the highest marks, and I didn't even try. Oops. (Guess who WASN'T the overachiever in class?)

  8. I am NOT surprised to hear that TS won - - - he is ONE SMART COOKIE.

    Hope it's chocolate chip!

  9. My sweet students, I still love you all. I just love the Canadians even more. :-)

    Alex, that challenge would disgrace me like no other, though I can tell you about X-23. (Is she in the X-men? If so, I may have to see it.) In other words, no thank you.


  10. I'll take failure as a bonus - it gives me more time to seriously study my chocolate. You can never learn enough, especially by engorging, I mean engrossing yourself in the subject.

  11. did I hear something about chocolate tutoring?

  12. man, every time i stop by your blog it makes me want chocolate. arrrgg!

  13. Canadians rock!!! I love your award. It looks amazing! Congrats to the winners :0)

  14. The best line ever....The rest of you fail but I still like you....haaaa

    Eat chocolate and be merry!

  15. Well, me getting an A- is just amazing...
    Now I want chocolate... lot's of chocolate...

  16. Do you have an update on the guys you met locally? Been hanging for that one...


  17. Robyn, I am sorry I missed sweet fun of yours but reading the answers I see I would have only got one right...Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Congrats to TS and Baygirl...they are so choclately!

  18. Happy Saturday Robyn :) I just finished some chocolate pudding, it made me think of you( and how fitting for the post :)
    I guess I am glad I missed the quiz, I'm sure I would of failed, ha ha!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend in Paradise!
    Lots of love
    gi gi

  19. Gregory Peck, eh? I would have thought he was too tall for the role.

  20. Thanks, friends. I don't know if you hate me or love me for my chocolate influence. I imagine it's a bit of both.

    Anthony, sorry for making you wait. It's coming soon. It's been extra difficult to write. You'll see why.

    Have a sweet Mother's Day!

  21. some days my brain works! Guess this was one of them

  22. Aww, I'm sad I missed it. But wait...Grandma Josephine was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...unless you're talking about the book? It's been too long since I've read that, so I don't remember.