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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quieting Words, A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words, based on a prompt. I encourage you to jump aboard. It's great practice, and I've met wonderful peers this way. Plus, Jenny's our favorite teacher. I'm giving Spock a well earned break and have stopped trekking for the moment. The prompt is bolded. Enjoy.

Quieting Words

Hush little baby,
Don't you cry
Life isn't easy.
I'm not gonna lie.

But you've yet to taste chocolate
Or visit the zoo
Skip rocks cross a creek
And play peek-a-boo.

You haven't chased bubbles
Or wiggled your nose
Counted your fingers
Or tickled your toes.

And you've yet to eat ice-cream
Or dash through the park
Catch your first spider
And hide in the dark.

Right now, though, you stink
And you're all full of crap.
So let's get you changed
Then mom needs a nap.


  1. Robyn... that's excellent! I just might have to read that to my daughter, who I'm quite sure can relate.

  2. Well done Robyn. I love the last verse...never saw it coming!

  3. LOL! How sweet! About twenty years too late for me, unfortunately, but love it anyway! Awesome job, Robyn!

  4. Too cute! I can imagine myself singing this again and again!

  5. A great little ditty to prepare a baby for life. All those kids who are scared of spiders or the dark needed to have you as a nanny.

  6. Sounds like something my daughter would say. With 5 kids she always needs a nap. This is great Robyn!~Ames

  7. OMG! Robyn, I know I've said it before, but you're my hero!! What a great piece! Now pass around that chocolate!!

  8. Thank you, friends. Please do have some chocolate. Judie, you pick first. (I like the fruity ones best, so save me some of those.)

  9. love, love, love that!

    you described some daily-life moments sooo beautifully, Robyn!

    big hugs!

    betty xx

  10. Very matter of fact. It's Maslow's hierarchy in poetry. Good fun!

  11. Bwaaahaahaa....I was totally singing along and burst out laughing when I got to the last verse!!

  12. Awesome! That totally needs to be published as a modern day lullaby! Thanks for the smiles today! - G

  13. I really love your verses, the last one in your inimitable style

  14. Thank you, friends. Glad you like it. It's a good thing I'm not a mommy. Huh?

  15. OMG, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! I feel another design coming on :)

  16. haha loved the last paragraph! this is a song all moms shud sing to their kids! ;-)

  17. Hilarious ! Excellent Robyn. So heartwarming throughout and then a stinky load in the pants at the end...I'll pass on the chocolate for now !

  18. I love these. You are so talented and funny!!

  19. Robyn. You are such an amazing writer. I love your imagination. I love your rhythm and meter and the fact that you always dance to your own drum...

    You are just wickedly cool.