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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sci-Fi Centus, Sorry Alex!

Jenny Matlock
Teacher Jenny Matlock made me do it: create a piece within 100 words. That's not the worst of it, folks. This week's assignment involved sci-fi. And what do you get when you mix me with sci-fi? See below. I'm so sorry, Alex. (In case you don't already know him, Alex is sci-fi extraordinaire and author of CassaStar. Hopefully, he'll still be my friend after reading this.)

The prompt is bolded below. Enjoy (?!)


Sorry, Alex!

The 12th moon of Goofy illuminates the Starship Enterprise -port side. There, Mr. Spock and Scotty discuss the cosmological discordance of the past 2,600 iambic pentameters. Lounging at the bar, they chug beer and munch m&ms (coconut flavored). Natashialovarita, who earned the title of Lieutenant-Colonel-Nurse Practitioner-Phlebotomist-Maid-Assistant Janitor, strolls by. Let’s watch:

Scott nudges Spock. “Did you see her asteroids lately?”

“Yes. I noted a powerful gravitational pull.”

“Wait an orkin nanosecond,” Scott states. “A thought enters. We are void of hormones.”

“Legitimate assertion.”

They glare at each other and burst into laughter.

“I’d still let her beam me up, Scotty.”


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! This was a scream. Look what happens when Jenny forces us out of our comfort zone. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Great take on the prompt! Kat

  2. ha ha you are too good.... I wonder how the old Star Trek series would have been with this dailogue...

  3. I started out thinking "huh?" (not a Star Trek person--never watched it can u believe that?) and ended up laughing. Good one!

  4. This was awesome Robyn. Just awesome.

  5. LOL. Very funny. I find the gravity is a bitch.

  6. Hilariously funny take on the prompt, Robyn! Aside from making Gene Roddenberry spin in his grave, it was an excellent spoof of the TV series! Well done!

  7. No offense - that was funny! I like the line "Let's watch..."

  8. I agree with all of the above...very good and funny.

  9. OH my gosh that was funnnn-nnneeeee!! Great job!

  10. OMG, Robyn! That is so funny that I shot wine out my nose!!

  11. Judie, now that is the ultimate compliment. I just hope it wasn't red wine. Thanks! xo

    Thanks Cherie and Linda. Glad you enjoyed. ;0)

    Alex, phew. I'm so glad I didn't ruin your writing and reading experiences from here on out. xo

    Tgo, thank you. I am so sci-fi challenged that, um, I had to just quickly look up Gene R. Of course, I knew that. Now, out to visit his grave. With flowers. Nice flowers. [-:

    MF, thanks. I agree. xo

    OT, thanks so much. Glad you liked it. =o}

    Pat, I appreciate it. Thank you. xo

    CalGirl, I can relate. I don't know if I've ever watched an entire episode myself. Thanks. <-:

    Rek, I imagine they would've had a whole different (and much smaller) audience. Thank you. xo

    Kat, I am so honored to have created screaming laughter. Did you snort wine out of your nose as Judie did, too? Regardless, thank you. ;0)

  12. They forgot to ask you to write all the Star Trek sequals!

  13. Oh my gosh - this is the FUNNIEST thing I've read all day!!! LOVE it!!! You are so witty!

  14. Too funny Robyn ;-) So creative and witty...well done...peace and blessings

  15. Brilliant! Such terminology!!

  16. Hahaha. Well done, that was awesome.

  17. That was too funny! The Iambic Pentameter line was hilarious.

  18. Isn't that just like a man, taking anything he can get....haha

    Asteroids, a new way to describe it!

    You are really funny Robin! Keep writing this stuff!

    Have a great day!

  19. Ha ha! So much induendo! Alex should still love ya. I'm sure no one in SciFi takes themselves too seriously.

    Also, I have no idea how to spell induendo. That is probably why I never write about it.

  20. Way to make me giggle! Well done

  21. Thanks, all. I had fun with this and am glad you had fun reading it.

    Lydia - I'm impressed. I didn't know if anyone would pick up on the iambic pentameter. I have no idea what it means. It just stuck in my head from a music class. Welcome to Life by Chocolate. xo

    Cheeseboy, you're one letter off. I'm not going to tell you which one, since I like your spelling better. ;0)

  22. ROFL, too funny. I'm afraid I have some of that gravitational pull, ha, ha. Good job.

  23. I really got a kick out of this one!


  24. Too funny! You are so funny. Devoid of hormones...ha!~Ames

  25. What a great little read. You made it so easy to 'watch' the whole conversation unfold.

  26. Hahahaa - that's starfreakin Hil-hairy-ass! Im a sci-fi geek too and i loved it..


  27. This just made me laugh my butt off!

    Hilarious! Sci-fi/humor! Probably the only way I can swallow this genre without gagging...(just a little bit!)

    Actually, that was a compliment in case you can't interpret it.

    So, perhaps what I should have said is, 'well done! Bravo!'