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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Centus, Sizing Him Up

Jenny Matlock

The scariest part of this week's Centus challenge is that Jenny Matlock limited us to 50 words. Oy. I also found the prompt - bolded below - rather unusual. Nonetheless, here's an extra short one for you. Enjoy.

Happy Halloween and choc of shame (i.e., the condition of feeling ashamed for having indulged in monstrous amounts of chocolate the night before, but continuing to do so because, after all, it is chocolate).

Sizing Him Up
Awestruck by his godliness, I plowed through the biography. He was well hated within his own party, by himself even. Though he survived accumulated tragedies that most could not even fathom, he never strayed from righteousness. A man of unfaltering integrity, Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter than I thought he would be. He’s my number one hero because of it.


  1. One of my favorites as well.

    Odds are that there aren't many around here like him anymore...


  2. I like it Robyn! I got the inspiration for my Saturday Centus entry from your "Size Matters" post. I couldn't stop thinking about the foot and a half difference! LOL.~Ames

  3. Very clever and well done. 50 words sounds hard but you did it nicely.

  4. Wow, you done good with that prompt.

  5. Good one Robyn. To add to his righteousness, he was also afraid of his wife, no?

  6. That was awesome. :) I love Lincoln.

  7. Robyn,

    Thanks for this thoughtful and well written reminder that we are without real leaders. Sad, so sad..............cj

  8. Robyn, I admire your patriotism. This was a very thoughtful piece. Good use of the prompt.

  9. Great take on the prompt Robyn! I admire Lincoln a great deal too. Quite possibly the only Republican I can say that about! LOL! Excellent job on the mini-Centus!

  10. Pretty darned good! I don't know how you guys make a story out of so few words. I'm speechless. (For once)

  11. Pearl, thanks. It doesn't seem heroes like him exist anymore. I agree. xo

    OT, definitely. Kennedy stayed the course of righteousness, too. Thanks for the reminder. ;0)

    Ames, I can't wait to see your half-Centus. I'm honored that my piece inspired yours, whatever its contents. Thanks. xo

    Thanks TS. I definitely could've used a few more words. I don't think I made my point (with height as a metaphor), but I'm glad you liked it. {-;

    Unknown, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed your time with your best friend. xo

    Sarah, yes, they had a strained relationship. They were incredibly loyal to each other, though, in a way you don't see or hear about nowadays. ;->

    BabySis, thanks. xo

    CJ, I agree. I like Obama, but I wish he had more courage like Lincoln or Kennedy, or some other greats from the past. {0:

    Judie, thank you. xo

    Tgo, it's so true. I keep having to remind myself that he was Republican. Political parties have (de)volved so much over time. Thanks. ;-]

    Marlene, thanks. You could do it. You do it all the time on your blog. xo

  12. I think he was one foot shorter without his hat, but he had long arms for a human.

  13. I'm amazed at what creativity people have shown with 50 words this week. This was wonderful!

  14. Loved this Robyn, particularly on the eve of Election day. I found the 50 word limit excruciating, but you did a great job with it! Kat

  15. Nice one, Robyn. Makes me wish he was around to vote for tomorrow.

  16. Very clever and very well done, I loved this.

  17. You really are such a great writer! Where's your book deal??

  18. I wish Abe could come back now and straighten up the country LOL. Great post.

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  20. Viki, that would be magical. Sadly, I wonder if anyone would listen to him anymore now than they did then.(?) :-]

    That's sweet, Kelley. It's in my dreams, and it's in good company. Thanks. xo

    Deb, I appreciate it. <-;

    Cheryl, that's great. I wonder if he'd stay loyal to his own party or vote independent or green or something. xo

    Kat, thank you. It was excruciating for me too. I was trying to work an angle using "short" as a metaphor. I didn't do that in 50 words, but that's ok. It'll great to be back to 100. ;-}

    PJ, me too. These posts have been very fun and ecclectic. Thanks. xo

    Thanks Tracy. <-;

    GB, yeah, his arms were nearly as long as yours. Right? xo

  21. Haha - another short man.. isnt history scattered with them? Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin.. its short man syndrome!!


  22. Good job on the Centus, with a great title, too!


  23. now that is a great way of sizing him up for sure ;)

  24. Nice, straightforward text. We need some of these too.
    Well done.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC-Shake-up-post Week 26