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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just One More Auntie Moment (Today), Then Stories, aka I Promise

The dangers of entrusting babysitting duties to Auntie Robyn
aka Parents, don't try this at home.


  1. That child looks just moments away from a running-around-the-room freakout!

    Good aunt. :-)


  2. Would be so thankful to have you as an Aunt for my kids (and a sis for me!!)


  3. Anyone with the word 'chocolate' in their blog title AND pictures of people covered in chocolate deserves to be followed.

  4. Don't tell me you were too soft to stick a wet sponge in that face.

  5. That's why aunts are the best!! :)

  6. Thanks, OT and Pearl. He was doing the freakout thing all the while. I'm surprised he sat for this picture. xo

    CB, I swear I didn't start it! He was born that way, just like his auntie. Thus, we love each other so. xo

    TIS, you're not the only one who would be grateful. xo

    Baygirl and BabySis, I agree. Thanks! xo

    Fran, anyone following anyone with the word chocolate in their blog title and pitures of people covered in chocolate deserves a follow back. I've just started enjoying your blog too. Thanks! xo

    GB, I waited until he had most of it licked off, then wiped the rest up. I had to hide the evidence. Do you think they'll find out? I only posted this here and on facebook, and I sent them the link as back up. Yikes. Guess that babysitting gig is over. xo

  7. Better start running that bath aunt Robyn!!!

  8. For the rest of the day (and night) he had such a sugar high that his parents had to give him sedative to sleep... :)

  9. Awesome! This is about what Little Duck looked like....IN THE CAR today. A friend gave me some fudge this afternoon from a little bakery on the village square. We decided not to wait until we got home to dig into it. I just handed back pieces to little duck...I didn't bother looking over my shoulder til we got home LOL...I knew it was gonna be bad. I didn't care though....Chocolate is chocolate!

  10. Ryan, bath? Nah, it only took 24 sopping papertowels. xo

    Sarah, oh, I was wondering how he managed to sleep for a 5 hour stint. Thanks. xo

    Marlene, sure, but you need to share your chocolate. xo

    Daffy, you are an inspiration to us all. I love that you didn't turn your head! xo

  11. Brilliant!! You are the coolest Auntie out there :0)

  12. I disagree!
    Notice that the shirt is spotless!
    If the shirt makes it home in that condition, you are a master baby sitter...

  13. Thanks Marnie. xo

    Pat, you're right. I don't know how he did that. I had chocolate on my chin and shirt, but I'll take credit for his relative cleanliness. Thank you. xo