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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from the Engel Kids

Left to right: Robyn, Glenn-David, Jonathan, and Dawn (1971).
Scary masks, huh? Can you tell what I'm dressed as? Neither can I. (A freaky bear, maybe.)
Jonathan was smart to keep his mask off and upside down. He probably scored the most candy too.

Happy Halloween weekend! xo


  1. I'd say you had the second scariest mask. That zombie pilgrim is just freaky. lol

    Happy Halloween weekend!

  2. The little ones always score the most candy, which is funny because they can't eat the most candy...
    What a classic picture though. Flashback to my youth with those plastic masks.

  3. I have to be honest. Masks of all types scare me.
    this is still a great pic...

  4. I think you are one of the deformed Chipmunks - Edgar

  5. Great memories of Halloween! I bet you got lots of candy.

  6. Glenn-David was Chuck-e-cheese?? COOL!!!!!

    so cute!!!

  7. What a great keepsake. I'm guessing you were a lion? I only lasted about 5 min in those masks.

  8. So cute! (note to self: putting on outfit on upside down = more candy) Thanks for the tip! Have an awesome Halloween! - G

  9. ADSL, me too. xo

    TS, scarier even is the fact that I'm not sure which mask is the zombie pilgrim. That's a great term, though. It could be any of us. ;0)

    Sandra, good thing is the little ones are the easiest to nab candy from. xo

    Pat, I agree. Masks, like clowns, are to be feared. <-:

    Edgar, thanks for chiming in. Ready for trick-or-treating with me? xo

    Ca88, yeah, I remember emptying the bag on the carpet and eyeing a gold mine. ;0]

    Babysis, thanks. xo

    TIS, that's it.He was Chuck E. Good call.<-:

    TAIC, you're probably right. I didn't think of that, but now I kinda see a lion. xo

    Georgina, yes. Just don't drop the mask, or perhaps you'll want to. ;0]

    Alex, it's a memory you'd like to repress, I'm guessing. xo

    Thanks OT.

    Have a great Halloween, everyone! xo

  10. I'm mostly scared by that rabbit mask. Seriously - it's very creepy.

  11. It really is, vodka, even in broad daylight. Thanks for dropping by. xo

  12. Love the kid pics. wish I had some of my friends & brother & I when we trick or treated.

    Speaking of clowns, I posted a scary clown to Empty Nest Evolution today.

  13. Totally sweet picture. Witching you all a BOOtiful Halloween, too!

  14. how cute! looks like you had a really nice childhood Robyn.. are u guys still close?

  15. Your picture is so cute!! I posted one of my daughter on facebook the other day!

  16. You look like Tony the Tiger....sort of. Ok, maybe not.

  17. CalGirl, I'm glad I have this one. Your clown pic is indeed very scary. Thanks for coming by. xo

    Jenny, I hope it was a BOOtiful Halloween for you and yours too! ;0)

    Anthony, appearances can be deceiving, though we did have many cute and special moments. Sadly, we lost Glenn-David along the way. xo

    Gayle, it's hard to believe they made those masks, but I remember thumbing through so many of them. How could that be my first pick? (0:

    Marlene, that's as good fo a guess as any. xo

  18. I hope you had a great Halloween as well, and thanks for stopping by and commenting!
    All the best,

  19. I totally remember those masks. They were confining and awkward and made breathing difficult. They were probably made out of asbestos too. Ah, gotta love the 70s.