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Friday, February 13, 2015

Starring you, Happy HallBark Day!

Due to fiscal angst (I know I'm in great company.) and other stuff, I hadn't gotten it together to do an Anti-Valentine's Giveaway this year. Lo and behold, I have the most fun-loving, playful followers. This, I already knew. But what I didn't know is that you'd play anyway. So in response to the dog pictured below and in my last post, DC grabbed the bone and ran with a HallBark theme. One after another, you joined this doggie relay. 

With mine, we now have eight cards for our HallBark greeting card line! We'll split the profits eight ways. [What's $1 divided by 8?] Anyway, we're off to a powerful start as we take down Hallmark, one lowly mutt at a timeTo follow are more reasons why I love my followers. Feel free to add your own HallBark card greeting. We'll stretch that dollar! Woohoo!

Yeah, I'm a pug. With a cute mug.
Smiles in place.  You see my face?
I love you flea-girl. You is my whole world.
And when it gets dark,
You'll feel my Hallbark!

arf-it, arf-it good...
lol the evil eye sure comes from that poor guy. That or he is ready to gift to all and is going to leave a gift in the hall. Hint, it isn't chocolate.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I can lick my own balls
So I don't need you
There once was an old dog named Mitch
Who said to an attractive young bitch,
"If I stick my nose, where the sun never goes
Would you please scratch where I itch?"


I love you when you bark, when you play fetch at the park
I love you curled in my lap...But get off my leg with that crap!

This should be the last time I use this old Windows X-Pire Groan Edition
It put me into submission
Soon you will see more of me
Penny loves that dawg should do a blog
Thanks for the prose. It's great you knows.
Hugs n'stuff, and an extra ruff
From Gary and Penny! :) x
Get me out of this strait jacket,
This V-Day's quite a racket.
I can't run and play,
What will the other mutts say?
They'd simply gang up to attack it. 

Happy, sweet HALLBARK DAY! 


  1. No wonder he's looking so pugnacious! Great Hallbark cards, I'd buy one!

  2. Hehe. This is so adorable. Valentines or no valentines, hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Lots of great cards. Happy non Valentines Day.

  4. Brandon and Bryan's is hilarious.
    'I am your Wonder Woman Valentine. I bring you super hugs and a super big pile of poo in your living room.'

  5. You think you are safe under your cover
    Along with that vasectomy of your lover
    I just have one simple revision
    My super power is x-ray vision

  6. Hahaha! Leave it to blog friends to make every holiday more 'interesting'. :)

  7. These ideas are better than the Valentine day card I bought my wife.

  8. You dressed me all up
    but I am not a cheery pup
    I will snort and hobble over to you
    squat, look up and push out one big poo

  9. Outside the card: If you think I look silly
    Inside the card: You're gonna hate YOUR gift

  10. Very funny and creative! Happy VDay!

  11. Hahaha! Those are awesome. Your readers always come up with good stuff.

  12. You have such talented readers. Thanks to you and them for all the laughs. Happy Valentine's Day, Robyn!

  13. These were all fun! I really think you could get at least $10.99 for a boxed set! Thanks for including my silly poem! Hope you and George enjoyed your first Valentine's Day together!


  14. quite an entourage of reader/writers, Robyn. Excellent Valentine sentiments

  15. Thank you all, for your creativity, playfulness and heart!
    You are the best.

  16. Those are awesome. Happy Valentine's Day, Robyn!

  17. Hahaha! Great cards, you guys! A Beer for the Shower - hysterical!!

  18. Your Valentine poem
    had such erotic power.
    Thank God I was home
    because I needed a shower.
    The End

  19. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I licked my own balls
    Now I'm in the hospital

    1. I missed your haikus, Al. This makes up for it. My your nurse.

  20. Love it! My sentiments exactly. I am the Valentine's disaster. Every year. This year did not disappoint. LOL

  21. What a crew of anti-romantics. They've pirated the love boat.
    Hallbark indeed!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  22. Hah, I don't think anyone is going to feel his Hallbark because that mutt looks totally wasted! You Californians are so bad!

  23. lol at Pat's gift idea. Hurrah for Hallbark!