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Monday, September 29, 2014

Out of the Darkness & I'm on TV!

Everything went beautifully with Chico's 5th Annual Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide prevention this past Saturday. Approximately 450 locals joined our fight to raise awareness about mental illness, depression, and suicide, and we raised close to $11,000.

Most important to me is the fact that many people who, like me, have been carrying deep, dark, burdensome, ugly pains related to suicide losses, had a place to go for healing, compassion, support, and to take a steps towards a world without suicide.

I'd been terribly nervous about all the speaking I was going to be doing. I don't know why, but I was relaxed when on stage. I guess I liked the power of wielding a cordless microphone. Today, I thought about how empowering it would feel to carry a microphone everywhere I go...but enough about me.
Our fearless leader.

Photo by Jodi Rives

First, more about me. I'm on TV below. Channel 12's Local Action News reporter Vanessa Vasconcelos was kind enough to attend unsolicited. She filmed parts of the Walk, did a very nice job editing and commenting, and interviewed me. It's VERY BRIEF, if you decide to view it.

You can see me here, a tad after 1 minute.

I'm (re)posting the poem I ended my speech with. I wrote this for the Out of the Darkness participants, and I'd posted it several months ago here.

Please Believe
You're Not Alone

Please believe
I know your pain
Your broken soul
That smile you feign
You say "I'm fine"
But it's a lie
You dare not share
Your urge to die

I know your rage
And hate
And shame
The burn that set your heart aflame
Consumed by grief
Your life a curse
Cold lonely days
Still nights are worse

Please believe me when I say
Keep holding tight
You'll be okay
Beastly ills, you cannot halt
Go gentle now
It's not your fault
Mental illness has no cure
You're human with a heart that's pure

I know not how
I know not when
But you'll reclaim your life again
Embrace a faith you never knew
You'll be so glad you wrestled through

Please believe
And hold on tight
As strands of pain fade into light
And tender hues transform your sight

You're not alone
Please know it's true
I'm right here
Holding tight 
with you.


  1. You sounded so professional! Way to go, Robyn. Glad it was such a success and you raised so much money.

  2. That is just beyond amazing. What a beautiful poem, and even if it was only for a few seconds you looked and sounded great on TV. They really like to compress everything into fast, bite sized pieces, don't they?

  3. You did sound professional and poised, no matter the tremors inside you might have felt. I am glad that you raised money as well as awareness.

  4. You are a star, shining light into dark, dark places. Light which will lead someone to safer places. Thank you.

  5. Awesome interview indeed, very well done. Glad the mic let you assume control and it was such a success

  6. Well done, you. I would like to carry a mike all the time. I would sing or tell drivers to slow down. That should startle drivers.


  7. I just know your participation in this important cause has reached someone and made a difference. Good for you.

  8. What a great cause you looked great! Your hair was just fine too! lol i'm glad you did this! Way to go!!! Even if just one person was helped, you've succeeded.

  9. Such a wonderful cause. Haven't played the clip yet. But way to go Robyn. Loved the poem.

  10. You've got a lovely calm and sincere way of speaking, Robyn. You'd have my vote if you were running for office!

  11. How wonderful! You handled yourself well in front of the camera.

  12. You did a great job, Robyn! Congratulations on such a successful event. The poem you wrote is very moving and beautiful and inspires hope.

  13. You look great in that photo and in the video! And what a worthy cause!

  14. That poem is beautiful! But the news story could have used a bit more Robyn ;)

    I donated yesterday, hope it helps :)

  15. It was cool to see you on TV. You sounded wonderful, not at all nervous. I am sure you have helped a lot of people today. Congratulations.

    In unrealated news: Someone completely unrelated to your blogs sent me an "interesting photo" - the one used on the new book cover. I said, "Hey, I know the women who posed for the shadow." Then I showed my girls your post where you said it was you. Julie cleared it all up. Thanks for unexpected laughs :)

  16. Thank you, wonderful people. I'm slowing making rounds - still exhausted. Forgive my delays in visiting.

    Love to all,

  17. I am reading this from bed and everyone is snoozing, so I will come back another day to listen. Super happy it went well. Cheers and spooky spooky.

  18. Look at you all up on the television. That's a great cause...which is why I too participated in a mental illness awareness walk over the weekend. Great job and hopefully the funds raised will help.

  19. "Your broken soul...That smile you feign" Truer words could not have been spoken, Robyn. What a beautiful poem.

    You were awesome in that video! What an incredible cause. I would have joined in if I lived closer. This is a cause that speaks to my very soul.

  20. You are wonderful on camera! Thank you for what you did that day and for what you continue to do. The poem is a keeper — and a tear-jerker! So, I'm about to eat an entire bar of IKEA hazelnut chocolate in your honor.

  21. Look at you, TV star.
    Is 'Good Morning, America' next?

  22. You looked and sounded great on the news segment! What an amazing job, raising $11K! Thank you to everyone who went out to support the event :)

  23. You really are a natural in front of the camera! I'm so glad the event was a huge success! You did a fantastic job as chairperson! Robyn, with all of your mitzvahs, you will have nothing to atone for this weekend.


  24. I'm glad it was so successful!! And you were so professional and poised on camera, I would have been so flustered I wouldn't have been able to speak. Well done, Robyn. :)

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