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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sundays in My City of Chico

Unknown Mami
Hello! Welcome to Chico, CA for another edition of Sundays in My City. UnknownMami hosts this wonderful tour of bloggers' hometowns. Visit her site to visit the world.
Bidwell Park does Chico proud. One of the largest city parks in the US, it's offered the perfect setting for the filming of many movies, including The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and Gone With the Wind (1939).

Deer roam the hills of Chico and Paradise (our neighboring town). I still get excited and think of Bambi whenever I see one. They always stop to pose for me too.
I just love this book cover (i.e., the title, as narrated by a dinosaur), which is displayed in the window of one of our downtown shops on Main Street.

Last weekend, I taught a bright, lively class of three students at our local Park & Rec Department. We had fun.
                      At the end of the day, Chico sunsets are a sight to behold.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a peaceful Sunday and new week.

Keep a smile and a stash of chocolate.


  1. The vegetation, sorry I couldn't think of a better word, looks lush and the deer looks fat, sorry I couldn't think of a better word. Hopefully sometime today my brain will begin functioning...

    If I went back to school I would want you as my teacher. :)

  2. Happy Sunday Robyn!

    Deer, how exciting! So cute.

    Looks like a nice place Robyn. And congrats on your teaching. Sounds like you have something real there.

  3. The park looks beautiful! We have deer all around our home.
    The sunset is gorgeous, too.

  4. I would LOVE to sit and have lunch with you and I damn love that Dino book. Your blog is always a treat Robyn xx

  5. I bet those three people were grateful for your wisdom!
    That dinosaur looks so sad...

  6. I'm now feeling a little jealousy from what I could learn after a session with you haha, really glad that you got the opportunity to teach and I bet that they learned a lot, I love Chico by the way.

  7. I love the book cover too :)Nice post!

  8. Poor dino all alone, some one needs to throw him a large bone. No? lol Congrats on teaching too.

  9. It looks so pretty there! I never got to Chico...wasn't a vacation destination when I was living in SF. Do you get up to Lassen much? i never got to see that either.

  10. Looks like a great place to visit! And I love that book. The title is kind of sad :( Poor Dino...

    Happy Sunday to ya!

  11. "All My Friends Are Dead."
    That title made me laugh.
    I hope it's not a childrens' book, though.
    Wouldn't that be depressing?

  12. Love all the pics but that book takes the cake! That title is brilliant.

    Have a great Sunday!

  13. I think that's great you were teaching a class on self-pubbing. What age were the participants?

    (I'm asking because many writers groups are encouraging youth in our area)

    I like the fact Robin Hood was filmed there. But, Gone with the Wind surprised me.

  14. That park looks awesome. I am surprised that GWTW used it as a setting. I would of thought they would of used a deep south setting. Who knew???

    I think the All My Friends are Dead book is really cute. There was a sequel All My Friends Are Still Dead (I am not kidding)

  15. Your home town looks like a cozy place indeed.

  16. How neat to see a deer and have it stop for you! Lovely photos of your town!

  17. no great readings for dinos

  18. Aw, thanks, David.

    Happy Sunday and new week, dear Anthony. Thank you.

    Thanks for visiting, Backinthebush.

    Lisa, I'd LOVE that too and feel the same about your blog.

    Alex, they had at least as much wisdom and me. And, yeah, poor Dino.

    YW, I'm really glad too. It helps to be living in a small town.

    Ayala, it IS witty. I'll have to take a look at the content some time.

  19. Pat, a bone might make him moan. And he'd have to find a new home...all along. My goodness, this is getting sadder and sadder.

    JoJo, I got to Lassen to volunteer at a summer camp. It's incredibly gorgeous. Before Chico, I'd lived in the SF Bay for 19 years. People there think they live in Nor Cal.and haven't heard of Chico/Paradise, the REAL Nor Cal.

    Happy Sunday, Martha.

    Al, I thought the same. I'm going to peruse it next time I'm downtown to find out.

    Traci, I agree. It's brilliant. Thanks.

    Debra, it's homey.

    DG, yeah, there's so much talent within our youth. This class was for 18+'ers. I'd actually be intimidated to teach younger folks. They have a lot more wisdom and tech-know-how than I.

    Regarding Gone With the Wind, I should clarify that the movie was filmed in numerous locales, and Bidwell Park was one of them. I have no idea which scene(s) took place there.

    Thanks, all.
    Keep a smile.

  20. I'm feeling sorry for that dinosaur, overgrown dope though he may be.

  21. In some ways, self publishing is something that people are still having difficulty wrapping their brains around. I know that it is still tough for me. I think we all thought publishing as we knew it would exist forever. We didn't expect things to change so drastically or quickly. Some people have figured out how to self publish (and all of the things that go along with it) very quickly and run with it. Other people struggle with all of these other aspects of publishing. Once you get past the writing part, they are LOST. And I totally get it. So, I am sure that if you keep doing these classes you will continue to get participants. More and more publishers are shutting their doors. That will force writers to self-publish and they will need guidance.

    It is good that YOU are on top of it:)

  22. Awesome... best of luck with everything!
    Cinella @ TMB

  23. Hey Robyn,

    Chico is such a lovely place. As you might remember, I have actually um graced your city with a visitation. Although, the parade for me never happened. Hard to believe, I know :)

    Delightful pictures of a delightful place, with a delightful lady such as you, delighting such a delightful place, with your delightfulness. Can I stay in for an after-school detention?

    If you see Bambi, make sure there are no dinosaurs nearby. Could get rather messy :)

    I'm going now and I shall put my money in the coin box on the way out....

    Gary :) x

  24. Oh, that book looks like a riot! I'm all for silly books like that. Have you seen Go the f*ck to sleep yet? Had me about peeing my pants!

  25. Theresa, that's a 5+ star book. I gave it to a (now) ex-boyfriend. He told me, "Man, it's a good thing you don't have kids." I say, "Damn, it's a good thing I'm no longer with you, jerk! Get a sense of humor and disregard what I told you about your bedroom prowess. It was far from true!"

    Robin, EXACTLY. You articulated it so well. I strive to impart the message that we need to broaden our perspective on publishing. There's no reason to disregard self-publishing as a viable option, but we hold ourselves back mostly due to the desire to have our egos stroked by a publisher. It's more complicated than that, of course. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Thank you, all. I hope the weekend treated you well.
    Keep a smile.

  26. Some beautiful sites you've got there. Also, very cool that you're teaching classes, even if attendance is a bit small. I don't suppose your Parks and Rec department is anything like the hilarious TV show?

  27. Such a lovely place! I think you and I enjoy similar things about a community or the arts.

  28. Congrats on the class! There is lot's to know, that is for sure.
    I just Googled Bidwell Park and all I was amazed at how beautiful and natural it is.

  29. Good for you for dumping that loser! Anyone who can't find the humor in that book deserves to be alone ;) I guess he didn't catch on that it's not a children's book, but intended for us adults who can take a joke. Now I am off to find the narrated version by Samuel L. Jackson so I can have another giggle.

  30. What a beautiful park and how cool that it's been used in movies. I worked for Parks and Rec. before and I think it's a great organization. Cheers for teaching classes there.

  31. I love Chico. Do you know people at Chico State? I have a good friend and crit partner who works there.

    We just had a mom and two new fawns arrive yesterday for a quick snack on our roses. I tried to tell them no, but they didn't take many and they're only rose. So late in the year for babies. This mom needs some extra help.

    That Dino book is a hoot!

  32. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

    All deer make me think of Bambi, too, so I can't eat venison. I have the same problem with bunnies and Thumper - which makes it hard to deal with the rabbits in my garden.

  33. Love you in front of the white board sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.

  34. That park looks beautiful!! I bet your class would be fun. :) Enjoy a sunset for me!!