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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day, A Child's Perspective

(A repost from last Memorial Day)

Here's my beloved nephew, Jeremy, when he was a wee 1.5 year old babe in July, 2008. Elmo and Jeremy are waving (Elmo, his hand, and Jeremy, the flag), reminding us to remember what's important this Memorial Day.

Above Jeremy is a "poem" by Auntie Robyn. I wrote that one at age 9. It was 1976. Thus, Vietnam had finally ended and teachers decided to start talking about the war. We were also enjoying all sorts of extravagant celebrations for the U.S. bicentennial.

Enjoy this "poem to think of." Perhaps it will make you think of, say, the construction of more forests to end annoyances to the animal kingdom, or, well, something else.

May it be a meaningful, peaceful and safe day.

With gratitude and blessings to all those who have served and will serve our country, and to all of their loved ones, for all time.


  1. Beautiful post. I can't believe you have this note from 76. Super cool and thanks for sharing.

  2. Honest and true. Thanks for sharing it and happy Memorial day.

  3. awwwww look at wee Elmo, J is cuter tho.

  4. What a sweet little girl you were. I would have built you a tree house.

  5. Out of the mouths of babes...

  6. How incredibly insightful were you as a kid! That's so awesome.

    Jeremy is TOOOOO cute!

  7. A genius at so young of an age...that's hot!!!

  8. Sandi, thanks for your sweet comment and visit. Are you Belly Charms' sister, by chance? I'm wanting to connect with you regardless. xo

    TS, thank you! I was kind of embarrassed to post this, but kids do have a way of getting straight to the heart of the matter. xo

    Ms.A, thank you! xo

    Gillian, I agree. J is cuter. You should see him now. He's beyond beautiful. xo

    GB, that is SO sweet. I would've loved to have you build me a tree house and come play with me in it (I'm talking about appropriate kidlike play, now.) xo

    Beth, yes. Thanks xo

    ~J, thanks so much. You are awesome. Yes, Jeremy is fabulously cute, and he's no longer a lil babe. He's a big boy 3 year old. xo

    Seductress, thank you kindly, sister wonderful and hot bloggy sis. xo

    ABAO, thanks. Yes, it's always a Sad War. Tragically. xo

    Blessings and chocolate kisses,

  9. Seductress, I kinda butchered that comment, didn't I? Well, the sister part cannot get said enough. Plus, you are hot and wonderful too. So, there we go. No corrections needed.xo

  10. Love your honest letter that came straight from your heart! I think you summed up all wars there!

    Sweet picture too!

  11. all wars are sad indeed! you had a clear and broad vision even when you were a little kid.

  12. Well, first of all, I want to adopt that nephew of yours!:D And that's a really good text, Robyn! So true..Our memorial day in Canada is on November 11, so I was surprised to read everywhere that yours was in May!

  13. Your nephew is adorable. I'll bet he is a lot of fun.

    Your letter is timeless.

  14. So great. Love the rhyming of "annoyed" and "destroyed."

    Ha ha! I kid you not, my verification was "morman" and I live in Utah! Too funny.

  15. Wow. Even as a kid, you had a vision. I love the sunset. (Or is it a sunrise?) Either way - perfect.

  16. I thought that was a great poem. Gets you right in the heart. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Such a talented kid you were. Echoes of things to come for sure! Great post, Robyn!

  18. BB, thank you kindly. xo

    Thanks, local Sarah. xo

    SarahWriter, Nov 11 is also our Veteran's Day. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why we have both. I think Mem. Day is in memory of anyone who's died (at war or otherwise). Anyone know? xo

    Marnie, thank you. xo

    Cheeseboy, that is hilarious. Don't those Mormons use spellcheck? Oh, and 'annoyed' rhymes more poetically with 'disstroyed' vs 'destroyed.' xo

    Mar, thanks. I think it's setting, but I suppose it depends whether your an optimist or a pessimist. xo

    Jerry, thanks! xo

    Aah thanks, Tgo. xo

    A good week and chocolate kisses to all,

  19. Mar, I meant "you are/you're." I had to correct myself; I hate it when people do that, especially when I'm the "people."

  20. Hi there. I'm following you now. I'm way behind on Friday Follow. Just stopping by to say hi.

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  21. Robyn I love this! Such a sweet poem, such a sweet pic of your little nephew. I like how you wrote in tiny letters "almost 10" :)

  22. As good as it gets!!!!

    Thanks Robyn!


  23. that's what my hand writing looks like now. I have already started on the new forest, it's going to have the best mall ever in

  24. So prolific at such a young age. Imagine if you had a blog then – the world might be a better place.

  25. Tami, thanks! I returned the follow and love your blog already. =)

    Ally, lol. Funny how, as children, we insist on counting every day of life we've lived. As adults, we insist on denying every year of age we can get away with! xo

    Thanks so much, John! :-]

    PTM, I love it! Don't forget a huge cement parking structure overlooking the redwoods. Thanks. xo

    Thanks CB. It might be better, yes, but spellcheck, even more necessary! ;-}

    Chocolate kisses,