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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday Sillies ~ Cartooning by my former self

I drew these silly cartoon people when I was 12. I guess I was always a bit bonkers. Otherwise, I was merely foretelling the men I'd end up dating. I don't know if "MYCHIEVIOUS" was purposefully written that way or accidentally misspelled. I mean, I'm sure I meant to butcher that word, for your enjoyment. [How is it spelled, anyway?]


  1. Reminds me of the Garbage Pail Kid cards.

  2. Mischievous.

    Too funny!!! Laughing out loud at the reference to "the men I'd end up dating". :)

  3. The fellow is middle is a devilish-looking imp with his Adam's Apple and crooked smile. Was he your favourite?

  4. I think I've saved every piece of artwork my kids have ever done. Someday, I hope they can look back and get a smile from them.

  5. I think I know those guys. They live around here and work at a cracker barrel.

  6. That is pretty darn cute. My mom never saved any of my early artwork. It usually consisted of flying eyeball wars.

  7. I'd take any one of em right now...No wait...did I just sound desp?? I'm not you know,, I can date any time I want to...urp..

    Love the footwear...

  8. What’s a day without being silly? Keeps me sane!

    And, hey, Tim Tough is kind of cute. ;)

  9. I am constantly looking for my silly.. I am afraid I have gotten to serious. Think I need more chocolate!!


  10. That's really cool! I used to draw cartoons when I was kid too... Mine weren't very funny though.

    For the first time ever, I heckled photos of myself. You might want to check it out...

  11. Skinny Sam? Tim Tough?


  12. :-) Silly is my middle name. I used to draw my classmates and teacher during class. It almost got me into trouble.
    Tim Tough looks good!
    Can you give me his phone number?
    Does he have freckles or moles??

  13. LOVED the Laugh! I needed a great smiley day post to go with my mood!



  14. HA! Loved this!! I probably have a few of those cartoons hanging around. And no worries, I tend to be silly 24/7.

  15. No problem on the silly assignment! I am so there already!

    Loved this cartoon from the past!

  16. y're nuffin but a big thilly! :O lol

  17. Cheeseboy, thanks. Wish I could say they were my inspiration, but I'm too old. I must've been inspired by the cavemen.xo

    Marlene, thanks for the spelling, smart, mischievous, lady. Glad I made you laugh.:-)

    GB, how'd you know? Necking with him was something else! xo

    Ms.A, that's great. I wish my parents (and I) saved my art. Sadly, I don't have much more of it than this post.xo

    TS, that's where they ended up. Thanks for letting me know. I'll be avoiding your neighborhood for the rest of my life. :)

    Pat, thanks. Flying eyeball wars make for some pretty unique art. (I'm guessing.)xo

    Seductress, I know you're not at all desp. Neither am I. You know that, right? So, sure, I'll send the other 2 to you. ;0>

    Beth, you're rough. Tim is kinda cute, at least relative to the other 2. Oh, and to the men I've dated. xo

    Lydia, yes, yes, chocolate is in order whenever you are on the verge. In fact, it's in order whenever. :-}

    Doc, thanks. Did I mention you are a cute heckler? xo

    Hey Michael, there was also a Suzy Smartypants. Due to space, I rejected her. I'm sure she's used to it. =>

    DDSG or DSDG (ie There's a Silly in the middle there). I'll pass on Tim's #, but I think Beth may want a shot at him first. xo

    Thanks Mike! :-]

    Babygirl, let me guess: you did NOT date Mychievious Mark. Good choice! xo

    Thanks John. You are always good for warmth and cheer. =-)

    Lindz, thank you. I'm glad for you that you do the silliness thing 24/7. Keep at it, and you'll stay young and gorgeous forever. xo

    BB, I knew I could count on you for some silliness. Thanks.

    Chocolate, silly, mychievious kisses,

  18. PS Oy, Beth, I meant you're right not rough. That was quite a typo. Nothing perverse intented, really. I was looking at Tim Tough while thinking 'right' and the wires got crossed. Someday, I'll need to do a post about all such typos.
    Let me go see if I will find any more.

  19. Do I have a hair out of that is funny! Thanks for the chuckle.

    Here here for being silly! In some ways I've never grown up :0) My daughters SK class can verify this fact. I'm 40 going on 5 :P

  20. Those are awesome. I would like to see a cartoon based on those characters.

  21. i love that you have that. how cute! we're visiting my mom this weekend, i'm going to search for old treasures :0)

    enjoy memorial day weekend!

  22. Seems you havent changed a bit! haha
    If your on a good thing, stick to it..
    A bit of silliness goes a long way..
    June is going to be my silly month.
    thanks for laughs!!

  23. Thanks Marnie! Any silly 40 year old who's going on 5 is a friend of mine! :)

    Jerry, thanks. Good idea, but I think it's already been done (i.e., Beavis and Butthead). Drats! xo

    Ally, I hope you find lots. Keep me posted. ;-}

    Anthony, glad you're determined to be silly. Why wait for June, though? xo

    Chocolate kisses,

  24. These are great! Skinny Sam is my favorite, because of his expression and his eggplant-like head.