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Thursday, March 11, 2010

IMAGINE A WORLD OF WOO-FULLNESS ~ Dedicated to John Lennon

Note, this is a sequel to California Dreamin.'
Imagine there's no Heaven. It's easy if you try.
First things first, I would explore every inch of the Bay Area. This meant the hiking trails, Golden Gate Bridge, Ghiradelli’s Chocolate Factory, Ocean beach, and every dance club within a fifty mile radius.

“No thanks, my partner and I are having a quiet evening alone,” was the standard response to my desperate pleas for company on these ventures.

No hell below us. Above us only sky.
But invites began to spring forth, so I maintained hope for a glorious new life. Then, I was confused. The invites were for "potlucks." Intially, the concept was rather intriguing. I imagined a Woodstockesque gathering at People’s Park, wherein folks warmly welcomed me to choose from assortments of special homemade cigarettes and brownies. I'd pass on the cigs and grab for the latter. The term "pot-luck" made happy sense.

Imagine all the people Living for today
Everyone was ecstatic about potlucks, so I must have the right idea. Nah, I soon learned the potluck involved being told to bring whatever you wish, provided it’s meatless, gluten free, lactose free, and a main or hearty side dish that tastes delicious and serves 12 hungry adults and mid-size kids.

Please understand that I believe in going all out when I host a party. I cook, clean, and prep for days. It's the Jewish way, and the only way really. It's just wrong to invite guests to come over for dinner, with dinner!

Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do.
Needless to say, the potluck typifies the all-loving mindset of the woo-woo culture. There are, in theory, no boundaries or rules in this culture. It’s a life of contributing in accordance with one’s most generous loving nature, in perfect synchronicity with the needs of others, all in a tranquil self actualized yada-yada-woo-woo fashion.

Nothing to kill or die for
You can't avoid this love filled woo-wooness. There are woo-woos in the supermarkets deliberating over which bunch of organic sprouts was uprooted most recently by the most earth friendly farmer who sprayed his crops with the least amount of chemical toxins.

And no religion too
There are woo-woos in the synagogues who hold their arms overhead, shaking them feverishly when excited by the feminine existence of the Source of love and life, peace and harmony, compassion and tranquility and yada-yada-woo-wooism.

Imagine all the people Living life in peace
There are woo-woos in community centers engaging in cooperative moments of eclectic spiritual transformative journeys. Spiritual guides direct the group to "join hands, while we breathe in the blessed realities of life and breathe out our demons and those of the universe.”

You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one
Everyone is partaking in some type of mesmerizing enlightenment: mindfully freeing yoga, chai ti mixed with hip hop head banging, qui gong sho with rapid breathing, yoga with an attitude, bo tai meditative strenuous deprivation, and relaxing challenging spinning cycles of meditational organismic ecstasy.

..No wooies; to be continued in next post..


  1. Perhaps it's the big words, but I'm lost. I hope to catch on when you continue this. I definitely like the sound of "No wooies and I liked California Dreamin'.

    I had that hairstyle once... bad perm.

  2. Gee, I'm only trying normal old meditation. I guess I'm missing out! lol

  3. shouldn't post the song writer in the title. I like to try and guess the singer. I love these posts you do. How do you connect 'em so well to the lyrics? How do you choose which lyrics to go with? Comparing organic sprouts to the state of being for our mother earth? Killer. On second read maybe I didn't get the raw symbolism for that one. Still, genius post, as always.

  4. was this berkeley in the 60s? surely they are not like this today right? or i need to go out more?

  5. Ms. A, never been to Northern Cal, huh?

    Ca88, some might say you're missing out. I say stick with the normal meditation stuff.

    CB, thanks, but you're thinking a lot harder than I did about this. Think: woo-woo.

    Thanks I.S.

    Sarah, nope, not just the 60s. I didn't move here til the 90s. Yes, you can fkind plenty of this today. No, you don't need to get out more. :)

    Woo-woo kisses,

  6. The pot-luck paragraph was so funny!! And the one that followed about making a dish for a huge number of people who don't like the same things and everything was hilarious!!:)

  7. You are so creative with these posts. :) I wish there was a thumbs up "like" style button the way FB has for posts :)

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  8. I love these posts! Definitely a thumbs up...and something to muse over while I'm meditating!

  9. Yoko still misses John. And I do too.

  10. First of all, that's probably the most amazing song ever written.

    I grew up in No. Cal. and remember visiting all those places you mention, well, not the dance clubs!

    I'm looking forward to reading more of these posts!

    I Think It's Interesting

  11. This was incredible funny! I love this post! Thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment :)

  12. Do they really allow all this woo-woo stuff in synagogues? Or are you talking about owls, who look somewhat Jewish if the truth be known.

  13. You have to be careful saying 'screw you and your partner', as someone may want to take you up on the offer.


  14. Thanks Sarah. Canadians are too considerate for potlucks. Yes?

    Thanks Ally. I have those little stupid boxes to check off "cool," etc. right before the comments section. But it's not as fun or obvious as the FB thumbs up option.

    Thanks Alice. Enjoy the meditation.

    Blase, me too. What a gem he was, and only 40 when he was killed.

    ABAO, thanks. I'll be interested to know if you've visited the places I mention in the post to follow.

    Thanks Susan. Glad you leaped over.

    GB, I suppose you're right. We're not only similar in terms of looks, but also in terms of brain power.

    Ubes, yes, I thought of that possibility. That's why I didn't actually say it.

    A woo-woo weekend/week, all!