My Story, Yours Too.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back in the Day

Back in the day,
We meant

you and me.
To feel was to touch.
To touch set you free.
Courage and valor defined you as great -
not being a whiny, crazed parent of eight.
When actors could act,
Performers could sing,
Reality shows starred Carson and Bing.

Back in the day,
Mail came to your door.
Wrappers bore gifts.
You walked to the store.

Ice cream trucks stopped on the corner street.
Fifteen cent big sticks, a most awesome treat.

Nice girls wouldn’t google, switch users or tweet.
Blackberries were juicy and raspberries, sweet.

Nice guys didn’t sag, log off or shut down.
When sex was sacred, and text, just a noun.

Back In the day, botox was unknown.
Surgery for illness,
Cocktails for the grown.

Cells were in blood.
Breakfast, with Tang.
TVs had antennas, and
Telephones rang.

Back in the day,
You ne'er felt hella rad
When your BFF told you
Your outfit looked bad.

I.M. meant I am.
To chat meant to talk.
You swam with you tube.
And teachers used chalk.

Back in the day,
A Chevrolet brought you clout.
Cowboys re-booted before stepping out.

A blue tooth was concerning.
Hot meant close to burning.

Fruit smoothies were exotic
and laptops, erotic.

Back in the day,
Old school was a house.
A pad for a bachelor,
And cheese for a mouse.

I’m sayin’
Feel me, and don’t weep.
Oprah continues to represent the peep. (For another minute.)

And back in the day, who’d ever dream that
A Black man would hold the office Supreme.

We go backwards and forwards,
Forwards and then back.
In circles, and sideways,
But land up on track.

Back in the day,
We means you and me.


  1. good one! thank goodness the ice cream truck still stops at the street corner, but nothing is 15c anymore.

  2. I love this! I feel like this often. Since when did "cheddar" mean money? Great post!!!!!!!

  3. Hugs again for a great post..But I am scared of Ice Cream Trucks..kinda similar to a clown fear..shrugs

  4. Powerful poem post. Nice. Never did have Tang. Always wanted my mom to buy it.

  5. Thanks all. It was an exciting moment when we heard the music of the ice cream truck. Where do you live, Sarah? Must be nice. I'll have to drop by with about $1.50, given inflation.

  6. That was lovely - made me feel very nostalgic x

  7. I love this - really sweet.

  8. Very nice post,Robyn! You just put my memory banks in overdrive. It was so much more simple (back in the day)...

  9. Of course it's clever, Robyn wrote it!! Ice cream cost WHAT?!? I'd go back in time just for that! ;)

  10. Thanks Sarah. Yeah, the most expensive ice cream treats were a quarter; my favorites were 15 cents. We got a double scoop of ice-cream at the local drug store for a quarter too. Plus free lollipops. Sigh.

    Pat, yes, life was simpler and also more meaningful in lots of ways.

    Thank you all for enjoying this.

    Virtual, back-in-the-day type hugs all around,

  11. Wow, this is awesome

    You already know how much I miss the old days, my entire blog is one big "remember when" ... Really, really great job with this. I just read a poem on Pat's page! Sooo good, both of you!

    PS I remember walking to the store back in the day in NY. We don't walk anywhere here in NJ.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  12. "Word UP" Robyn!! That WAS DOPE! lol especially LOVED the
    "Fruit smoothies were exotic
    and laptops, erotic." hahah Cracked me UP!
    (NOT that I've EVER HAD a "laptop" mind you heehee)

    Way to "take me back"!!!



  13. Thanks Ally. People just don't walk anymore. We take the elevator at work instead of walking up a couple of flights of stairs. Pathetic! Thanks for your praise. It especially means a lot coming from a pro.

    Aion, it's always great to see you and get a dose of your shining upbeat spirit. Back in the day, "dope" meant a stupid person. Remember that? Phew. So glad that wasn't what you meant.