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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Anti-Valentine's Day Chocolate Giveaway!

Exercise your right to vote! Vote on your favorite anti-Valentine's Day slogan (20 words or less). The winner will be gifted with delectable, high quality, fair trade chocolate!

Voting rules:
  • You must be a citizen (follower) of Life by Chocolate.
  • Vote only once and for only one candidate. You may vote for your own.
  • If you vote for someone who submitted multiple entries, please specify which one you're voting for. They're numbered.
  • Submit ballots to the comments section.
  • Polls will close at day's end, 12 midnight PST Wed-Thurs.
  • In the event of a tie, Russian Councilmember Natashastrovaliosovofokosky Bereiashnavariokolovovich will decide on the winner - with my input. Bribes happily accepted but are not guaranteed to alter the results.  
Good luck! Thank you to all contestants and voters!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                              In random order, here's your ballot:

1. Al Penwasser said...Valentines Day?
Oh ain't that just ducky?
If things go my way
I just might get lucky.

Lady Lilith said…How about a picnic in the park. With all this snow it is sure to be fun.

Roland D. Yeomans said...Nothing says YOU'RE SPECIAL like a mass-produced sentiment written by someone else!

Robin said…Take a stand against Valentine's Day. Chocolate should be given frequently and often. For instance, all days ending in "y."

L. Diane Wolfe said...Nothing says love like a dozen over-prices flowers that are just going to die in two days.

2. Al Penwasser said...This really is fun....
It's Valentines! I will...
buy some chocolates, buy some flowers
and a little blue pill
to give me four hours.

 Kim Van Sickler said...Beep beep beep–beep beep
Oxygen mask yanked off again
Mom’s not loving me
As I place it back on.

1. Bish Denham said... Hand made hearts...
Champagne and strawberries...
Death by chocolate...

Fanny Barnes Thornton said...A Valentine -just my luck!
I wanted a heart, but I got a duck!

Empty Nest Insider said...Another Valentines's Day,
Cupid is stupid,
My boyfriend is gay.
I went to bed a brunette,
And woke up gray.

3. Al Penwasser said...Roses are red
Violets are blue
Chocolate makes you fat
I'll eat the chocolate
and you can have the flowers.

HermanTurnip said..."I bought you this card because I can't read my own writing. Happy Valentines Day!"

David Oliver said..For Valentine's Day to be really sweet,
Two requirements you must meet.
Chocolate and a lady friend,
Damn! I have no lady, where to begin?

JoJo said...Valentines Day: Just another holiday that guilt trips men into buying crap for women who probably don't deserve it.

Daisy said...Chocolate hearts
make Valentine's Day fun,
but if you're alone,
all you REALLY want
is the day
over and done.

Vanessa Morgan said...Would you mind if I spend Valentine's Day with my cat?

A Beer For The Shower said...Buy some stale, dollar store chocolates, some flowers that’ll be dead tomorrow, and be sad and fat and alone... together.

2. Bish Denham said...Eat more chocolate, doctors and hospitals love making money for treating diabetes. 
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF BALLOT
 *Sorry, the following exceed 20 words and are disqualified. Blame it on the Russian judges.

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...20 word max?!?!?! This is the Russian's fault isn't it? Anyways I tried to edit mine down to 20 but couldn't do it. The best I could do is 42:
   Instead of telling you how special you are in my own words, I found a greeting card while at the grocery store buying ham. Luckily they describe exactly how I feel about you, and I got a great price on the ham.
   If you round down that could be 20.

 klahanie said...Anti-Valentine's Day. Such a day. Romance at play. I don't really care. It's only fair. My fake smile, sunny. Just give me your money.
 Pat Hatt said...Chocolate, flowers and stuffed bears, oh my! One makes you fat, one wilts on your mat and the other is covered in rat scat.


  1. Some of those are really good. Can I split my vote? Really liked both Roland and Diane's. They were snarky.

  2. they are all really good, but I'm gonna vote for mine b/c it's probably the only vote I'll get. lol

  3. I vote for JoJo.
    You're not the only one.

  4. I vote for Empty Nest. Clever.

  5. A Valentine's Haiku

    Flowers, chocolates sweet
    Lovers stroll on the Ginza
    Oh, no! Godzilla!

    I know it's too late, but it's fun.

  6. My vote goes to 2. Al Penwasser. :)

  7. I vote for Al Penwasser #2. May he get his four hours and more, LOL!

  8. I vote for Bish's entry. Second choice would be Roland's.

  9. Thanks for voting. Polls will close at midnight PST. Volunteers should give you a brownie and your "I Voted" stickers. They should always do so. Right?

    Have a good Wednesday.

  10. I Vote for Roland D. Yeomans.

    You do know that us male types just go at the last second and pick a card out without reading it.

  11. I am so torn between Al Wasser and Empty Nest Insider.

    Al brought the double giggle, but Empty Nest brought the giggles and a bit of profound thought.

    Can I do like Alex and cast a vote for each or will those Russians foil my attempts and disqualify me?!

    Fine. I'll flip a freaking coin.

    My vote goes for Empty Nest

  12. LOL!!! Those are epic. I loved them all but three the most: Al's #3, Herman Turnip, and Vanessa Morgan.

  13. haha have to go with Al and his little blue pill

  14. I probably should vote for mine so I get ONE vote, but I am voting for JoJo's. That is a very funny anti-Valentine's day slogan:)

  15. This is really difficult as there are a lot of good ones but for the sake of voting for a really strong contender...I vote for Empty Nest. Very funny!!

  16. Well I'm voting for Robin's, so there's one at least!

  17. JOJO! JOJO! JOJO! Is that three votes? And put hot fudge sauce on that!

  18. Robin said…Take a stand against Valentine's Day. Chocolate should be given frequently and often. For instance, all days ending in "y."

    This one has my vote, simply because I agree that every day needs a little chocolate! All were great though!

  19. Roses are red
    Violets are purple
    I only want pancakes
    With maple surple

  20. Oh! I get it! I just realized that I'm a day late and a valentine short!
    That'll learn me. I guess I gotta check here everyday...

  21. Which really sucks, because mine was so darn good! See, it's the time of year to be grouchy!

  22. Sorry, Pat T. It WAS good. I like maple surple too, especially Canadian maple surple.

  23. Hahaha...these are all good. I can't decide between Vanessa and Al. Ummm...I'm going to go with Vanessa!

  24. Do the Russian judges know about Al and Ken?! Never mind he's a huge hit in Russia! Thanks to Elizabeth for saying that I'm capable of both "giggles and profound thought!" I vote for Kim. We've all been there.


  25. Tension builds. It's a tight race, folks. Polls will be open for another 5-1/2 hours. We'll be counting votes and absentee ballots til the bittersweet end.

    Julie, the Russians said something like "Do please to send Al blue pills no matter he is American."


  26. Since I won last year, I'm just a reader this year and not a particapant. -They are a hoot!

  27. Thanks to Alex and David for thinking of me. Since I am in the running (way, way in the back) I will just say the contest is a fun idea.

    Me and Charlie Brown sit sighing staring at our empty mail box ... again. :-)

    My Valentine post will post this midnight. :-)

  28. I'm leaning a bit towards Al's offering. It's juvenile and caters to the lowest common denominator...just my style! ;-)

  29. Very creative entries!! I'm sad I missed out on the fun, but I don't have any bitter feelings towards V-Day anymore, so I wouldn't be fun to play with. ;)

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