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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anti-Valentine's Day Winning Slogan!

It was a close race. Ultimately, three slogans vied for the win.

One was JoJo's very honest sentiment:

JoJo said...Valentines Day: Just another holiday that guilt trips men into buying crap for women who probably don't deserve it.
Great job, JoJo!

Another was Julie's perfectly amusing poem:
Another Valentines's Day,
Cupid is stupid,
My boyfriend is gay.
I went to bed a brunette,
And woke up gray.
Applause, Julie!

As we began to shut off the polling-booth lights, one more voter came stumbling in to cast the deciding vote: Herman. Mr. HermanTurnip said of his favorite slogan, "It's juvenile and caters to the lowest common denominator." So, we're sorry, JoJo, Julie, and all other competitors, but nobody does juvenile and lowest-common-denominator catering like Mr. Al Penwasser. (I also want to note, with sincerity, that he's a fabulous author and you should read his books. See link to Shag Carpet Toilet on the right sidebar of my blog.) Here's Al's winning slogan:

Al Penwassersaid...This really is fun....

It's Valentines! I will...
buy some chocolates, buy some flowers
a little blue pill
to give me four hours

CONGRATULATIONS, Al! We hope you enjoy precious chocolate (I'll have my people call yours) and your four hours (alone or with Mrs. Penwasser).
                           Thank you all for joining me in hating Valentine's Day!
                           It's been great fun. Let's hit the chocolate sales on Feb. 15th. 

PS I love you - not in a weird battery-operated adult "toy" kinda way. I love you for making me laugh and being silly and caring and supportive and all that other sappy stuff that falls short of my telling you to have a Happy Valentine's Day, because I still really hate Valentine's Day.


  1. These slogans are so creative and funny. Well done, winners!

  2. Congratulations, Al! There were some good ones.

  3. I loved that one too. Still liked the Empty Nest Best though.

  4. Well done, all! Congratulations to Al!

    Love you too, Robyn! :-) ♥

  5. Yay! I'm all in favour of juvenile, lowest common denominator jokes about sex!

  6. How does Al know these pills are blue? Congratulations to him, and especially for being so informative.
    I loved Julie's from Empty Nest Insider, as well.

  7. Congrats to the winners. All three are great. Enjoy the chocolate, Al

  8. Hahaha...just too funny! You do make me smile, Robyn. Congratulations to Al!

  9. I am so honoured to have made the top 3!! Congratulations to Al though, b/c that was AWESOME! He deserved the win with that little ditty!!!! HAHAHAHA :D

  10. Do those of us that voted for the winning slogan win anything?

  11. Congrats to Al, hopefully it gets four hours with the wife and not alone with his little pal lol

  12. In my mind all of your visitors are winners just from reading your posts. :-) Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!

  13. Congrats to the multi-talented Al for the big win! I also loved Shag Carpet Toilet! Congrats to JoJo, and I'm so excited to be included in the Top 3! Thanks to Jo, Cheryl, and Elizabeth for voting for me, and to Fanny for the kind words! Thank you Robyn for hosting this wonderful contest, and always making Valentine's Day fun!


  14. Congrats!
    I take a blue pill to sleep.
    (I don't think it is the same)

  15. Christian, I asked the Russian judges about consolation prizes, and they said "Nyet?" I think that means "no".

    Roland, you're sweet. Thank you.

    Julie, I knew it would be close and I'm so glad I didn't have to break the tie. Yours was, and still is, a winner.

    David, I hope not. Does your wife sleep when you take it?

    Love you all,

  16. I am thrilled, nay humbled. Thank you very much.
    Al Penwasser: Not acting his age since 1958.

  17. Ahhhh, I missed all the fun.
    That WAS a close call, Robyn. Though I really liked Julie's one...
    Valentine is over-rated and too commercialised... so I'm with you on this one.
    Every occasion should be a Valentine occasion.
    (See you next week for the Ubuntu Blog Hop. I'm looking forward to reading all the entries.)
    Writer In Transit

  18. Loved Al's. No argument on that one.

  19. What can I say? The best card won. Can't say I've ever had as much fun participating in a contest before. Awesome job!

  20. They were all good, I just arrived too late to vote. Sorry about that.

  21. too funny!
    love these anti-valentine's poems.
    congrats to the winners, well done guys!

    big hugs

  22. Oops I forgot to vote! I like Julie's poem - rhyming Cupid with stupid is tastier than chocolate!

  23. Don't know what is going on. Been out the blog loop for awhile, but slogans are wonderful and funny. Today is my brother's birthday. Have a great weekend! Cheers!!

  24. Ouch! Why do I still like this holiday?

  25. Inger, it involves chocolate. So you're okay.

    Thanks, everyone. I'm very happy for Al. He's a warmhearted, sharp witted goofball who spews a great amount of laughter. He's also an exceptional writer.

    All of the entries were fun and creative.

    Happy Chocolate Day/weekend.

  26. I hate the weird pressure that surrounds this "holiday"... glad when it's over. :0

    Funny, because I love chocolate and hearts but I tend to lose jewelry, so I tend to feel guilty this time of year.

    Oh well, (((hugs))) and sweet dreams, it's almost over!

  27. Hey Robyn,

    Would of commented sooner. However, I had like a zillion Anti-Valentine's Day cards to open from my non-adoring fans :)

    Those were excellent responses and well done to them all.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend, if you so wish, Robyn.

    Gary :) x

  28. Very creative slogans. Many made me laugh out loud. Had to laugh at Julie's poem and Al's too.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  29. Al's was the best for sure. Thanks for the laugh!
    Blessings, Joanne

  30. All of the honorable mentions deserve a round of applause!!!

    Congrats to Al for the Win:)

    This was so much fun. I am so glad that you thought of it.

  31. Had to come by and read these. LOL. Loved Al's. Just getting around to seeing what everyone's up to.

    M.L. Swift, Writer