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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Latest in Chocolate: Chocolate Soda & etc.

The young cashier at Cost Plus enthusiastically approved this purchase: Coco Fizz, a chocolate soda! In retrospect, as I glance at the empty bottle, I enthusiastically approve the checker's enthusiasm. Coco Fizz combines the smoothness of creme soda with the good 'ole fashioned choco-taste of  a Tootsie Roll. It's yummy, and thirst-quenching too.

Looks like you can find this one at, if you don't have Cost Plus in your area. I'm confident you'll like it. In fact, I give Durango Soda Company's Coco Fizz a 9 out of 10. 

What do you think? Ever drink carbonated chocolate? Are you tempted?


Now, a Sub-Post on the Sex Talk Post:

To all who shared your sex talk stories in response to my Home-schooling post, thank you. I've compiled them here. To keep it simple, I removed names and didn't include everyone's responses. My apologies, though I appreciate it all. You amused and enlightened me.

This particular correspondence keeps me laughing. (You can't go wrong when mixing MommaFargo's insight with Al Penwasser's humour).

MommaFargo: LOL. Oh my.
I remember those horrible school videos on sex where the boys and girls were separated. They talked about your period and what not. It was like the traffic video..."Blood Flows Red On The Highway"... only different. Then I looked it up in the anatomy book at the library.

Too bad we didn't have Google back then. LOL

AlPenwasser: @Momma Fargo: If blood flows red on the highway, I'd think about getting a SUPER-absorbent pad. I'm just sayin'....


Have a sweet Sunday and new week.
                           Keep a smile and stash of chocolate.


  1. I love the sounds of chocolate soda Robyn, I kind of wish I was American now just to try this. Over here we've got three different sodas based off old fashioned British candy such as rhubarb custards, sherbet lemons and pear drops and they taste amazing! I love Al's comment too haha.

  2. LOL so funny how you got the all there for the world to see. Chocolate soda too, who knew.

  3. I'm trying to imagine what a chocolate soda would taste like.....ahhh....oh yeah, hmmmm....yea, that's what I like.
    So, I guess that means I would like chocolate soda.
    Plus, I could use that last line in a porno.

  4. @Matthew: Plus, we deep-fry Oreos, Snickers, and (I think) butter.
    As long as we have a Diet Coke, though, it's all good.

  5. Robyn I remember having having a chocolate soda years ago but cannot remember the brand. I suspect what you have found cannot really be good for you...not trying to harsh your buzz, just saying...

  6. Alas, my carbonation must come from Diet Pepsi and Diet Pepsi alone. I refuse to drink any other carbonated beverage. I know I'm a big weirdo. ;) I do like chocolate martinis though.

  7. YW, those sodas sound great. I'm wishing I was Irish, just to try them.

    Pat, yeah, it's all out there for the world's viewing, and your story comes first.

    Al, it tastes better than it sounds. They use that line in porn too, don't they?

    Chuck, that's ok. I already knew. Were it healthy, it wouldn't taste good.

    MsA, you'd like it, I'm sure.

    Melissa, there's nothing wrong with Diet Pepsi and chocolate martinis. And not necessarily in that order.

    Alex, that's a good way to describe it. Yes, a carbonated Yoo-Hoo.


  8. you too Robyn - the chocolate thing sounds great for a quick high

  9. Even though I'm a confirmed chocoholic, I might need to be pulled kicking and screaming to fizzy chocolate. And cream soda is one of the few things that make me toss my cookies just because of the smell. Go figure.

  10. You didn't link up to SIMC today, did ya? Missed you.

    Somehow I didn't SEE the whole blood on the highway discussion, so I'll add my little two bits here.

    I grew up in a pastor's home. My mother was so conservative I doubt if she ever said the word SEX out loud - - - and CERTAINLY NOT in all caps.

    So, when we had the infamous aforementioned movie at school I had heard NADA at home.

    I remember the schematic where the sperm is coming down the fallopian tube to meet the egg. There was NO 'SPLAINING how that sperm got there.

    So, having an enquiring mind, I raised my hand after the movie and ASKED THE SCHOOL NURSE who was presiding over the proceedings.

    "Miss Nurse, how does the sperm get INTO the fallopian tube?"

    She choked and sputtered and said, "You'll need to go home and ask your mother about that."

    So I did. As did all the OTHER little 5th grade girls.

    My mother, though I'm sure she choked through the WHOLE explanation, managed to convey the process to me while never mentioning any body part by actual NAME, and by somehow even totally avoiding any body part descriptions.

    The next morning, when I arrived on the playground before school the ONLY topic of discussion amongst the girls was "did your mom explain it to YOU?!?"

    Evidently none of those "worldly non pastor's wives moms" had even made any ATTEMPT to explain.

    So - - - little miss Keetha, PK extraordinaire filled everyone in.

    And that is a true story and I'm stickin' to it.

  11. Chocolate soda! Have to have it!
    Blessings, Joanne

  12. I will give you one last chance to redeem yourself since I have yet to receive a cake. You can send me a couple of chocolate sodas.

  13. Why don't we just squeeze a Cheeseburger in there and have Coke, CB, and dessert in one drink?

    I'm not so sure on this one. Glad ya liked it,

    Much Love,


  14. It's made by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?? I love them!! It must be good. I'll have to keep my eyes open for them.

  15. If I'm going to suffer the sweetness of a chocolate drink, it must be balanced with alcohol. Another chocolate martini anyone?

  16. David, it's a bit subdued for a quick high. But it's yummy.

    Stephen, really? Sorry to learn this. You can still enjoy chocolate covered edamame, so all's good.

    Keetha, cute story. Thank you. Your peers were lucky you were there for the teaching. It's quite a feat that your mom explained things without mention of body parts. I wouldn't think that's possible.

    Joanne, yes. It's yummy. Let me know if you sample it.

    PTM, they're on their way right now. If the bottles are empty when they arrive, it's the postal workers' fault.

    John, that doesn't sound right. You forgot the onion rings. Love back to you.

    BabySis, yes, I love them too.

    Teri, Melissa got me thinking about chocolate martinis too. We'll have to hunt some down in Chico.


  17. There just happens to be a Cost Plus about three miles from here. I'm going...

  18. Chocolate soda sound heavenly!

  19. A fizzy chocolate drink? Man, that sounds crazy. I've got a feeling you'd like the taste of a chocolate-coated chili pepper, Robyn!

  20. Does it come in vanilla? Sad to say, I gave up chocolate ten years ago. Yes, weird, I know.

  21. I recently shared a diet chocolate fudge soda with my mom. This sounds even better. You did an excellent job with your article Robyn! Some of the stories were even better the second time around, and I love how you handled "the talk" with your kids! Julie