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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cracked Egg, Scrambled Town

Having completed 500 blog posts, I figure I can do some re-posting without your noticing. Wink. This one is from June of last year, as part of  Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. The prompt is bolded below. My inspiration came from a scrambled egg I'd eaten for breakfast, and Mother Goose's Humpty Dumpty. Please enjoy.

Cracked Egg, Scrambled Town

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

"Sue!" cried the Counsel, tasting money and fame.

"The wall was built long ago. Our state is to blame:

 Construction malfunction! I'm quite the sharp tack.

I just wish I could bring our poor Eggy back." 

The entire town wept over Hump's inner goo.

But grief turned to distrust when the vestiges grew. 

Mr. Bacon climbed up to the top of the wall 

and found a huge keg whence Dump took a fall.

He sniffed and he licked but the beer was all gone.

With yolk 'round the rim, the evidence was strong.

"Looks like we've been had," he relayed to them all,

"by an imbalanced egg that fell off the wall!"


  1. Sorry I missed that one first time was worthy of a repost!

  2. It was fresh for me, something that Humpty is no longer.

  3. I've followed you for two years and I don't remember that one! (Epic Ninja fail.)
    Hilarious though. And over five hundred posts now. Awesome!

  4. Poor Humpty! This was awesome and congrats on your 500th post!

  5. Now if they had sued and won, who would have received the damages? The legal team can't take it all, can they? I think the cash should go to the chicken that laid Humpty.

  6. I don't remember this one. Was it when you went AWOL after you changed up your blog?

  7. Wonderful poem worthy of an encore! Congrats on over 500 posts! As part of your " best of" collection, you could even devote a week to Mr Salsa! Julie

  8. I love this Robyn haha, amazing writing as always, I wasn't around in June too so I have no bother with you reposting. Congratulations on the 500+ posts too, that's incredible!

  9. You have 500 too, congrats to you and haha awesome rhyme.

  10. Thanks, Chuck!

    Stephen, poor Humpty -cracked so many times. I overhear parents saying the rhyme at a local swimming pool, to encourage their kids to jump into the water on the word "fall." It's kind of strange.

    Alex, you've never failed. Thanks, though.

    Keetha, glad you like it. Smiles.

    Yvonne, thanks so much.

    GB, inevitably, the money would have gone into the defense budget.

    MsA, no, I think it was before that. I'm glad you and others don't remember it, though.

    Empty, thanks for the consistent doses of cheer and encouragement.

    YW, thanks so much. I can't believe it. 500 is a big number.

    Pat, congratulations. I'm honored to have hit 500 at the same time, though you got there much faster.

    Be well, all,

  11. Congrats on 500. That's exciting. I don't think I've ever read that one either, so I'm glad you reposted it.

  12. "Hump's inner goo"?
    The problem results when it becomes "Hump's OUTER Goo."
    Then, your girlfriend has some explaining to do when she brings the car home.

  13. lol - i think i remember this one!
    wow, 500 - that's amazing... congratulations.. that's some feet.. uh feat.. must be the eggs..

    ps you could probably re-post and no one would know! just saying..

  14. Oh Al, yuck! LOL.

    Babysis and Anthony, thank you. I can't believe it, but I'm afraid I'm tapped out of creative ideas at the moment. At least I have 499 to repost. Ssh.


  15. Believe it or not, there is a story behind this.
    Okay, you probably believe it.
    But, like you said, yuck!
    So, I'll spare you.
    And that's no yolk.

  16. I'm not sure if I read it or not, but it is still pretty clever and good! Congrats on the post number 500. Here's to the next 500!
    I've been around for most of the first 500 and LOVE both you and your blog...

  17. I don't believe it, Al. I'm certain there's MORE than one story behind it. Thanks for sparing me the details.

    Pat, I love you too. Thanks.


  18. Holy moly -- 500 blog posts. That's awesome! Congrats! Keep them up. :-D