Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Men Time vs. Women Time

It had been a while since I corresponded with Mr. Salsa. Just yesterday, though, he sent a run-on sentence via email. He closed with, “In the men time take care.”

This provoked deep thought. Men time ? Must’ve been a typo, right? Because men time  is time that may never happen. Like when men say “I’ll mow the lawn later” or “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you some time” or “I’m going to take you on a romantic getaway when the time’s right.”

In contrast, women time  happens all the time and beyond time. Like when women say “Dear, I’m a little moody right now” or “Give me a moment to explain why you shouldn’t have done that” or “It’s time for chocolate.”

So, yeah, I think it was a typo. He probably meant “women” and not “men time.” He likely wants me to take care to a never-ending extent. 

This in mind, I sent a brief, cheery response. "I'm doing fine. It's good to hear from you..."

Mr. Salsa replied with another run-on sentence and apology, “EXCUSE AL THE TYYPOS ON MY PREVIOUS MESSAGE.”

That confirmed it. It was a ty(y)po.  He meant “women time.”

Yet I’m left wondering who Al is, and why Al sent that email -with tyypos- on Mr. Salsa’s behalf. In time (men time), I may never know.  


  1. Oh no - he has a crazy phone like I have! It adds extra letters, takes away some that I want in there and sometimes, when I least expect it, it'll throw in a random greek letter!

  2. You lead one wild and crazy life. Mr Salsa at least piques your interest, albeit at a less than grammatically correct level. Care Robyn.

  3. The clocks at our house are all set on "women time." Otherwise nothing would get done.

  4. ha ha you're funny Robyn - as always...

  5. See, if you had been talking to him on the phone, you'd be none the wiser! (on the typos)

    Girl, I thought I was anal. You may have me beat!

  6. You may never know who he is and I'm thinking that's a good thing...
    funny post Robyn!

  7. Hey, I normully doent send annythng wiht typso. So yu knwo mr Slsa is ful off crap.
    luv, AL
    BTW, I think "men time" is approximately the length of a football game.

  8. I like the fact that I can hear his accent when he writes. I hope you're not going to correct him - talent like that should be encouraged.

  9. Wow. Do you think his keyboard is out to get him?

  10. I'm going to guess that he did mean to say "mean time," but you never know, "tyypo," really made me laugh, a typo about a typo is way too hilarious to me. Women time is the dreaded enemy in my eyes, it always comes out when you least expect it!

  11. Robyn...my sentences do the run dance on me all the time, and I have the cheek to call myself a writer.
    He probably meant the time when guys gather around the telly or Xbox and go insane over a game they seem to be playing long distance....

  12. I always thought women time meant how long you guys took in the bathroom. I stand corrected.

  13. Haha I love this post! We try to encourage "women time" in our house but sometimes I turn traitor. "Men time" is more fun :D

  14. HA!!

    I've noticed how distorted my hubby's timing is.

    Of course, mine is perfect.


  15. I love you all. Just wanted to say that before I jet to work. I'll respond more personally later (in women time).


  16. Whut thee hick wuzz thit ell aboat?
    Know mean teme maks mi poat.
    That hurts the eyes
    And yeah it was a typo, you are so wise

  17. Miley, you're very kind to give him the benefit of the doubt. In YOUR case (only), it's the phone.

    Chuck, her does occasionally offer good...blog post material.

    Stephen, you're smart to let your wife set the clocks.

    David, your praise means a lot; you're such a good writer. Thanks.

    MsA, you make valid points about phone vs email and my anal retentive nature.

    Pat, I also think it's a good thing. Thanks.

    Al, hahaha, I don't know why I didn't suspect you were behind all the tyypos. No hard fellings butt pleese us spellchekk nex tyyme.

    GB, nah, I'm too nice to correct him. I'd rather blast him through my writing, the poor unsuspecting fella. Wink.


  18. Emily, his keyboard or his brain. Or both. Thanks for commenting.

    YW, it doesn't get better (or worse) than spelling "typo" wrong. Does it?

    Rek, you're forgiven for any and all run-on sentences. You're an exceptional writer and smart woman.

    Alex, no, don't stand corrected. You're right. The amount of time we spend in the bathroom is another fine example of "women time." It's never-ending.

    Ravena, thanks. I agree, "men time" is much more fun and takes much less (or no) energy. Thanks.

    Keetha, if your hubby has timing, he's ahead of other men. And of course yours is perfect. Wink.

    Pat, OLO. I mean, LOL. Sorry to make you powt. In the men time, cut it owt. Eat sowrkrawt. Twist and showt. I'm being weird. There is no doubt.


  19. I'm confused - now im not sure whether im a man or a woman.

    Good luck doing the Salsa with Mr Salsa.. (good name.!)


  20. Is meantime meaner than nicetime? Then again, verynicetime usually includes chocolate, a rubdown by some guy named Sven, and a drink with a little umbrella... After that, the typos don't madder, they're habby and well-adjuiceded.

  21. OMG - You're a riot! I've made enough ty(y)pos myself that I can't throw stones at other keyboard-challenged people. But I sure can laugh at them! :-D

  22. Robyn,

    “Men” time is not a “tyypo”, it is an example of the creative writing course from Wossamotta U.

  23. I do have a funny (I hope) story about a person who said he used "spell check" but apparently didn't use "idiot check." Maybe in a future post....

  24. This guy is obviously a winner and you've got to snap him up if there's still men time.
    Great stuff!


  25. Anthony, you're one of those rare finds: a man in touch with his women time side.

    Lexa, me to, two, too. You're a better person than I; I throw stones.

    Teri, that's hilarious. I've met many a non-graduate from Wossamotta U.

    Al, if only they'd install an Idiot Proof program into -well- everything.

    John, for you? I've got an ow-er. ;-)

    L., good thing men time doesn't necessarily exist.


  26. I agree with Al. Although, it could also be the length of a video game. So really, between all of the over times and the side quests, definitely the "never" I agree with.

  27. In the "men time," I'm sorry I didn't see this gem sooner! Sadly, I run on tortoise time. Julie

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