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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Road Trip Randomness & Hooters

Wow! Excuse my delayed appearance. I'm still licking chocolate drippings from the studio walls and found a coconut training bra hanging from the lampshade. Plus, my stagehand MacCullay Culkin is hovering in the corner, trying to smoke a grass skirt. Koopmans!?? 

Those Scribes are so sexy and lovable. Aren't they? I'm glad they poured on the choco-fun around here, as I drove across a good portion of California.

Travel notes:
  • The Valero station in Coalinga sells excellent corndogs. I highly recommend them.
  •  This same Valero sells a Trojan Pleasure 3-Pack. I didn't make the purchase, so I can't critique them. But they're likely still there if you're so inclined.
  •  Foreigner makes for great road trip music (e.g., Hot Blooded, Juke Box Hero...).
  • I gave a sandwich and water to a homeless man in Kettleman City. He said "Thanks, but you got any hooters? I gots some cash." I was about to tell him that my boobs aren't for sale, when he clarified that he wanted a joint.  I lectured him a bit, informing him that water and protein are more essential to his survival. Then, a male trucker pulled over to give him some money. I cheered, "See you're getting more help!" As I turned away, I heard the homeless man tell the trucker, disappointedly, "You don't got hooters either!?"   
Note: It appears you can in fact smoke a hooter. In the 60s and 70s, "hooter" was another name for joint.
  • It appears there are more state prisons than Motel 6s in this fine state.
  • Only in LA can you find a McDonald's that looks like this:
                                                       Pretty upscale for a McD's, huh?
  • You can also find freeways with seven lanes of traffic, all at a standstill.
  • Best of all, my destination offered the sweetest, most rambunctious dose of auntie-nephew lovin' in the universe. 
And I came home to a glorious Chico sunset.
It's good to be back. 
Thanks for your patience, as I make my rounds and get caught up.
I've been thinking about you.
Be well.


  1. I'm glad he wasn't referring to your boobs, Robyn. If he had to ask you whether you had any, his eyesight would have been seriously impaired. Nephew looking tremendously adorable - has he seen any Shirley Temples movies?

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  3. Sounds like a great trip! Did you miss the tornado in Chico yesterday? I saw that on the internet somewhere. Your nephew is adorable! Love the curls and dimples!

    As a veteran of the Grateful Dead scene I can honestly say I have never once heard a joint referred to as a hooter on either coast.

  4. Sounds great. A little bit of randomness always makes a fun trip.

  5. Sadly, I bet the state prisons are nicer.

    That's the first time I ever heard a joint called a hooter.

  6. Welcome home, Robyn. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I never knew that hooters was another name for a joint. I learn very interesting things from my blogging friends :)

    Foreigner definitely makes for great road trip music!

  7. Robyn,you must be a very approachable and friendly good Samaritan. I have given food out to a number of homeless people and gotten a look of disgust. I think in most areas it's a cash only business. I may be one of the few people that have become cynical about homeless people. I suppose it would be rude to ask them to pinky promise me that they really don't have a home in the suburbs.

    Once after I gave actual cash to a guy in Dallas, a few days later I saw an article in the paper about him. He said he makes around 50K a year standing off of Royal Lane and Interstate 35.

    Here in Kansas City they are also redoing all the McDonalds to look upscale. I guess people need to feel all trendy while using the wifi and drinking their McCafe Frappe Mocha.

  8. Wow that is a mcdonalds for famous people lol never knew a joint was called a hooter

  9. Wow. Can you pack adventure into a trip or what? I had no idea that "hooters" was another term for pot, and I live in Colorado for heaven's sake!

    Your neph-neph is adorable.

  10. Hmmm, maybe a hooter is anything that causes a person to hoot. This makes me wonder what a howler is because people who hoot, often howl.

    I like Foreigner too.

  11. I went to college in the 70s when smoking pot was extremely common (as much of a confession as I'll offer) but I never heard of a joint being called a "hooter."

  12. FOREIGNER is a good choice for road trip music. Hooters meaning joints must only come from a dis-jointed mind!

    Love the photos. Now that was an upscale MacDonald's!

  13. Glad I'm not the only one confused about the hooter comment. Wikipedia and the homeless man taught me about that one.

    JoJo, we were okay in Chico. It was supposed to hit miles from here, but I don't know the latest. Thank you for thinking of me.

    Thank you, all. It's good to be back. It's tough feeling so behind on blogging and writing. I'm inching my way back.

    Love ya,

  14. Dear James William of Logo Design,
    Thanks, babe. But if you use my blog for edification, your intellect will take a nose dive frequently and often.
    Lot's of greetings back atchya.

  15. My dad was a pot smoker and always called them hooters! I remember going to summer camp and getting assigned a riding horse named Hooter. I was so pissed I got the "druggie" horse. And don't you know, that little bastard lived up to his name. Laziest horse that wanted to sit around and do nothing. I barely got to ride because he just wanted to stand around and get his munchie fix on all the hay.

  16. Wow, looks like Logo Design just earned not one, but two loyal customers with that thought provoking comment.

    It's true, Robyn, your intelligible cognition is like totally the hottest thing about you.

    So maybe I'm just a little jaded, but I no longer give homeless people food or drinks. I've seen firsthand way too many times when homeless people are given food and they literally throw it away in disgust, right in front of the person who just gave it to them. Their sign may indicate that they're starving, but really they just want money (not all of them, but a lot).

    Also, if it's any consolation, I live in Colorado, the land of legal pot, and I've never heard "hooter" used as pot slang.

  17. Jeez, I can't remember the last time I heard them called Hooters. By the time the band The Hooters was making everyone giggle at their name, we were already calling them boofers and other such nonsense.

  18. Love that sunset. I have never come across that use of 'hooters' before. I wonder whether it took off here?

  19. that auntie, nephew photo.

    Great post.

  20. I think Heaven must be like an gas station Quick-E-Mart: Where else could you pick up a corn dog, condoms, lottery tickets, and Slurpees in one place?

  21. State prisons are probably really nice, better than senior's homes anyway. Never heard of hooter before either.

  22. Hi Robyn .. different language, different country ... homeless beggars still the same .. they don't want food .. I've found it's alcohol and I'm sure drugs. Thankfully some come through the horror ..

    Delighted you had a fun time .. and your nephew looks just so much fun - family time is important ..

    Great having Charlie's Scribes to cover for you ...clever idea of theirs ..

    Cheers and here's to the A-Z .. enjoy being home - Hilary

  23. Good to see you enjoyed your break. Handsome nephew you have there, Robyn.
    I don't know what corndogs are but I hope they're covered in chocolate. The request for your hooters was so funny - must have thought you were on something!
    If a guy asked me if I had any hooters I'd hit him. They may not be always that visible but they're still there!
    Have a great weekend.

  24. It's nice to have a break once in a while. Great pictures.

  25. Wow. I've never heard pot referred to as that. Sounds like you had an adventure. Spending time with the little ones is always the best. Welcome back!!

  26. Looks like a great time. Welcome back.

  27. I have never heard pot called hooters, but I lead a rather sheltered life, so I'm really not the person to ask.

    I love the picture of you and your nephew! Sounds like you had fun. :)

  28. Hey Robyn,

    You apologise for a delayed appearance. I apologise for making an appearance on my site :)

    Those scribes are blogger pimps. LOL And Koopmans has smoked one grass skirt too many.

    Penny is confused by a corndog. California! Great stuff. I remember my journey through California and yes, I was in Chico. That parade was for me.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Gary :) x

  29. It was very nice of you to give food to the homeless man. Your nephew is cuter than ever! I love his dimples! Glad you had a fun trip!


  30. Theresa, that's a great story. Thank you for the laughs. Sorry you were stuck with Hooter.

    BnB, you guys are awesome. Thank you. Yeah, the worst was a comment from a spammer on a breast enhancement procedure in Australia. Idiot. As if any of us would spend our time on a surgical table vs the Australian outback.

    Klahanie and Penny, stop apologizing. We all love you.

    Thank you, sillies. It's good to be back.


  31. Brought my son to Hooters when we went to Florida. I averted my eyes so as not to give off that creepy old man vibe. But my son enjoyed himself.
    That's my boy!

  32. Love the pics. That's one swanky McDonald's. I love what I find on road trips.

  33. Ah, road trips ... where you can discover both the delightful and the frightful. I love Foreigner! "Cold As Ice," "I've Been Waiting" ... (Dang, girl. We be old.)

  34. Al, you're such a self-sacrificing dad. Your son's a lucky one.

    Madeia, me too. Thanks.

    Lexa, we do be old. But at least some kids nowadays know who Foreigner is.


  35. "Do you have hooters?"
    "Sorry bud, all I have is some pot and a dick."

    Okay...couldn't help myself. What a fun roadtrip. I've also been listening to a little Foreigner lately (I found a "classic" station). Reminds me of the "day."

    Just catching up! Take care, babe. Babe. Don't you just love that? So chauvinistic. ;)

    Check out my office remodel!

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