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Monday, March 17, 2014

Miscellany and Feet Swrepping

I'm on a bit of a blogging frenzy, because I'll be away for the next week or so. Auntie time awaits. I'm also elated to have finished a draft of Woman on the Verge of Paradise. Time for a break! No worries, I've hired the best in the business to entertain you in my absence.  You're in for a real treat! For now, a few bits of miscellaneous miscellany...

In my last celibacy post, I mentioned a man who looks 83 but claims to be 53 and wants to "swrep" me off my feet. Dumbfounded, I asked for ideas on how to respond. LDMasterson suggested I inform him that I'd love to but I gave up swrepping for Lent. Priceless! ~If you aren't following her, you should be. She's a delightfully witty lady.~ I couldn't help but run with the comeback. Here's how it unfolded:
Swrepper: I wanna swrep ya off your feet !!!!

Me: Hi.
No thank you. I gave up swrepping for lent.

Swrepper: I love humor....your full of

Me: Thank you.
I've been told I'm full of it before, but I think your saying it in a nicer way.
Have a good weekend.

RE:hahahaha !!! i godda fun sense of humor hun !!

Me: Aw, your full of it too.
Have a great weekend.

RE:yes i suppose i am hun..we got lotts in common

I stopped here. At least he’s good natured. Don’t wanna lead the ole guy inta thinking he gonna get me to swrep with him.
I get a kick out of this photo because we're apparently staring intently at a spot of light on a TV screen. It took SO LITTLE to entertain kids back in the day.

Robyn on left * sister Dawn on right ~ ages 1-1/2 and almost 3, November, 1967
 *My bald spots have gone away, I think. I'm holding a spoon to my mouth. Yogurt or chocolate or chocolate yogurt? It's anybody's guess. Sadly, I still can't stare at a screen without eating.



  1. You sure the TV's not on and that's not the flash? You're funny. Was that really the convo you had with The Swrepper or improv?

  2. Lol! I wonder if that guy will ever try to swrep someone up again.

  3. Can't say I've ever been swreped myself.

  4. After laughing all the way through, I had to make one note- your bald spots then are about where mine are now!

  5. Hmm, he talks a bit like Chico Marx. Is Chico Marx still alive? If not, I'd guess he was a retired circus clown who's still wearing his red nose.

  6. It does sound like something you could and should give up for Lent. You two could go on the road together. :)

  7. Yeah, don't get his hopes up.
    You two were like cats watching the laser pointer.

  8. Doesn't take much to entertain as a child. lol the guy sounds like a hillbilly

  9. Yay for nieces and nephews. :)

    I have to wonder if he even noticed his error after you brought it up. It didn't seem that way. People can be hopeless sometimes.

    That picture is adorable. :)

  10. "Swrepping" that like twerking? I can't keep up with today's hip lingo.

  11. Swrep? Do I need some sort of short if I do this?

  12. ...some sort of shot? is what I wanted to say.

  13. I can see the shadow of your hand/spoon on that TV. Wasn't there some kind of rule back then about how close you could sit to one? You know, back in the dark ages of '67. LOL!

  14. JoJo, it's the real thing. I'm happily surprised he didn't get mad. Instead, he was humored. Go figure. I dunno if we gots lotts in common and I don't really wanna know.

    TDecker, I'm guessing he'll keep trying the swrepping angle.

    Jo, me neither. It's not on my bucket list.

    CWMartin, if you're going to have bald spots, those are good places to have them.

    GB, I don't think Chico Marx is still alive or if he knew how to swrep.

    Julie, that would be lotts (spelled wrong intentionally) of fun and very, very scary.

    Alex, yeah. I can't in good conscience tease a man about the possibility that I'll swrep with him.

  15. I've heard of being swrepped but think maybe he needs a bigger broom?

  16. lol! i laughed so hard all the way through this one!
    swrep? swrepping?

    big hugs!

  17. I need to swrep the kitchen floor in my apartment.

  18. I am swrepped away by this post, and the light in the TV. :)

  19. What a cute picture. If you hadn't told me that was a spoon I would have thought it was a flashlight.

    For the record, I hate it when people who don't know me use endearments on me. Hun, Dear, My Little Waffle. Whatever. Can't stand it.

  20. Hey, I've been quoted! And I love where you went with it. Thanks for the shout out.

  21. We had our shag carpets swrepped last week, but I think that's the last time since your baby picture was taken :)

    *Love* LD... she's hilarious - for a Red Sox fan (GO ANGELS!!)

    Have a great break and see you on the flip side :)

  22. Yes, it did take so little to keep children entertained before.. Now every other child is demanding an iPad!

  23. I worry that no one will ever swrep me off my feet. Can I have his number? Maybe we can meet half way and I'll let him swiffer my floors.

  24. You really do have a fun sense of humor.

    What an adorable picture. That is funny that you are staring at a spot of light on the TV screen.

  25. Ha! I think he likes you. ;)

    Very cute picture from the past. Love it.

  26. Hi human, Robyn,

    Doggy treats for me, please. Gone three in the morning and at last, I have arrived at your pawsting! :)

    I'd follow LDMasterton. Sadly, Google Friend Connect has not been working for me for almost a week.

    Now for a bowl of Schweppes!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  27. LD's line worked wonders, and you made a new friend in the process! If you don't want him for yourself, my mom will gladly take him. She doesn't care about his spelling, as long as he drives at night. Cute story, and even cuter picture! Have fun with your adorable nephew!


  28. Robyn, I think you've been swrepped because everywhere I go I'm sent back to your blog.
    Sometimes you've got to leave all these old swreppers alone. Give him a bar of choc and move on.

  29. LOL. I love it. I have never swrepped with anyone either!

  30. Like your sight. Cute and funny!

  31. I remember one of my favorite strange ways to watch television was to turn the volume on the TV down and the radio up and let the actors "Sing"

    If you don't want that old feller, send him to my mother. She has started a collection of online oldies but goodies, in an aettempt to be swrepped one way or another.

  32. Swrepped? How on earth is this pronounced?
    Love the old picture... it reminds me of the old cameras with the spool that had to be removed, and then the "negatives" developed...

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