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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plumas National Forest, Sundays in My City

I broke down and bought yet another cheap camera this week. But when I took it out of the box, I couldn't figure it out. The  little folded instructions page informed me only that I needed to make sure the batteries are in correctly. Great! How do I put the damn batteries in and turn the damn thing on? A few more curse words later, and I was back at KMart electronics.

"I just bought this and can't even figure out how to turn it on."
The 20 somethinger casually took my camera, pressed the button on top, and told me it works fine. I left with egg on my face (Do people still use this term?) and ready to snap some shots.

That story serves as prelude to the fact that I've rejoined Sundays in My City. Thanks to UnknownMami, we get to take this enchanting worldwide tour of bloggers' hometowns. 

I still don't fully understand my camera, so this is a bad shot of DuPont, sporting peaceful happy hippy attire as spring approaches.

And now, let's go on a little road trip along Northern Cal's highway 70 into Sierra Nevada's Plumas National Forest.
We're at approximately 2000 feet here.
I'm wishing these photos did better to capture the beauty of this area. It's even more spectacular than it appears, and it's practically my backyard. I've no complaints.

Have a great Sunday and new week.
Enjoy the view, wherever you are.


  1. Wow, what a view!
    Sorry you had trouble with the camera. Even simple instructions would've been appreciated. If you ever get an iPad, be warned - there are no instructions.

  2. You could probably Google for instructions. That's how I got the booklet for my tablet. You do feel an idiot when these kids show you how simple it is though. I know.

  3. Love your views by the way, forgot the first time.

  4. I think you captured the beauty. We used to visit an area like that when we lived in NM.

  5. You seem to have managed well with that camera. I'd go for a walk in an area like that. Beautiful - I like aerial views.

    I couldn't figure out how to get the coin in the grocery store kart when they first changed them from free. I felt the same as you, but I got over it.

  6. "Egg on my face" is a definitely a living expression, as are many other expressions involving eggs. We must use them as often as we can to keep them alive.

    Dupont looks like a flower child from the 60s - did Mama Cass wear something like that? Or was it The Grateful Dead? I get very confused about who wore what.

  7. I think I have isolated the problem. You shopped at K-Mart.

  8. Beautiful pics and I'm loving Dupont's peace sign blanket! I miss the California scenery.

  9. Once you got it on, you did good! You've gotta know, kids are not the least bit intimidated by technology, it's all they've ever known.

    I think that might be my favorite ever outfit/blanket for DuPont.

    PS: You can enter your camera make into a Google search and find videos on how to use the different settings, etc.

  10. Everyone has to learn. None of us come into this world, knowing it all ... well, there is my Supervisor!

    You did just wonderful with those shots. I would love to walk in that park.

    Sometimes when in doubt, I go to YouTube and punch in the name of the product I want to operate, and it has a tutorial on it.

    I hope your Sunday was lovely, Roland

  11. I am the same way with technology -- no worries. I still enjoyed the pictures, especially the park.

  12. WooHoo! Great pics! Being stuck indoors all weekend with a bad cold, reading your post made it feel as if I actually went somewhere and did something this weekend. :-)

  13. I think your pictures are quite nice. Getting used to a camera takes a bit of time. I, too just got a new camera and am totally lost.

  14. Quite the show in your almost backyard indeed. A hippy horse too. Your camera seems to work fine now that you know what to press haha

  15. na I would not grumble too much if that was in my backyard

  16. I've been wondering what DuPont was up to these days. He looks like he's weathering the elements well.

  17. Plumas is breath taking. What a hell of a backyard.

    Oh, and K-Mart still exists? I thought that place was dead. Because of that, the proper reply to the 20-somethinger would be to say, "Well, at least the place I work will still exist in 5 years."

  18. Robyn for most devices you can find a manual online now. At least I have one for my camera and tablet and um, maybe something else...

    Your pictures look good to me. It is better than I can do even with a manual.

  19. Thanks, everyone. I especially appreciate the tip regarding a Youtube tutorial. I never thought of that, and it'd be more helpful than the lousy "instructions".

    Roland, we all have to have at least one know-it-all in our lives, I suppose. I hope you're feeling well.

    CWMartin, haha, touche. I'd bought the other string of cheap cameras from Target and Walmart, so K-Mart was a step...horizontally? I don't know. Yeah, it sucks.

    Beer guys, see above. Good idea. My job will most likely still exist in 5 years - fingers crossed. (You never know with social services.) I should've just said "At least I don't work for K-Mart."

    Herman, I hope you're feeling better. I'm glad to oblige with the photos.

    GB, I don't even know who Mama Cass is, so I vote for the Grateful Dead.

    MsA, nice to see you. Thanks. Good thoughts to you.

    Good thoughts to all.
    Keep a smile.

  20. It does look very beautiful. Great to see you getting out and about.


  21. I think you not only figured out the camera, but found some lovely spots to share with us.

  22. I love that second-to-last photo! Wow. Looks so serene. And yes people still use the egg-on-their-face phrase :) I use it all the time because I am always wearing it on mine!

  23. bought it at K-Mart.
    And, if Rainman taught me anything, it's how to feel about K-Mart.

  24. I think your picture of Dupont turned out pretty well considering your camera!

    It can be very difficult to get a picture of nature that fully depicts its beauty. That shouldn't stop you from trying, mind you, because there are some excellent ones out there. Nothing will ever replace the being there, though. Breathing in that fresh air, hearing those sounds, feeling the breeze on your skin. Alas, thank you for your pictures. It is a lovely place!

  25. I always feel so grateful I live in the midst of gorgeous scenery too.

    And I'm so glad someone else can't figure out these newfangled electronics. I struggle every time and my son just rolls his eyes at me. Makes me feel old.

  26. It's amazing what kids these days catch on to in terms of electronics much quicker than we do. I despise getting a new camera because I always want to whip it across the room before getting the hang of it.

    Those are such beautiful views! You are so lucky to live where you can see this kind of scenery almost in your own back yard whenever you wish!

  27. Sure those Plumas look beautiful but I was really hoping for pics of the K-Mart.

  28. DuPont is rocking it!! I wish I had an outfit like that.

    Instructions never make sense. I've stopped looking at them.

    Beautiful scenery!! You're lucky to live near such an amazing place. :)

  29. DuPont looks great! I do need to get the name of his fashion designer. :D
    Your photos may not be all you want them to be but they are beautiful none-the-less, as they make me long for the scenic beauty that can be found in California.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  30. You live in a beautiful place! We bought a new camera a couple of years ago, and I still don't know how to use it. I went back to using the old one we had because I understood it. HA! :D

  31. Sure people still use the phrase, "egg on my face." It just tends to be people who can't figure out how to use a camera and have to ask a 20-something for help. Hee hee. I love Dupont.

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