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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sundays in My City, Welcome to Paradise!

Unknown Mami

I'm excited to join Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City, so I can introduce you to my new hometown and its surroundings. Welcome to Paradise, CA. It's where I work. A leisurely 8 mile drive from my new home in Chico takes me there. Paradise is beautiful and rather interesting. See:

The smaller sign reads "No Trespassing." I did not.


 Paradise in Paradise, Choco Amatrice

Thanks for coming along. Next, I'll show you Chico.


  1. I'm soo there!!! Get my room ready at da spa!!!



  2. Wise not to trespass on the gun club's property!

  3. Love that town! I could go for some ice cream..I miss american ice cream

  4. It does look like a fun place. With a name like that it has to be good : )

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  6. The gun club is a hoot. haha. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  7. Thanks for doing this! I have never heard of Paradise, CA

  8. Well it is really different form San Francisco! If they have a dive shop, there must be a lake? Is this a tourist town? Historical town? Looking forward to more. Have fun exploring. ~Ames

  9. Sorry if I caused you some inconvenience, I should not have clicked as it should be!
    Sorry! Now I'm following you!

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  10. I want to see the inside of a diner there...

    Are you doing okay? Getting used to your new digs?

    Enjoy the journey dear sister!


  11. I'd love to know what they dive on in that center.

  12. Dive center? Curious...I hope you're doing okay!!

  13. You're a lucky girl - you have huge ice cream portions in your hometown! :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  14. Like other comments - I wonder what there is around there to dive into.
    Good combo - Gun Club and NO Trespassing

  15. I love it! How did I not know that Paradise was in CA?

  16. BLOGitse, that's right. It's even too much for me to eat. Thanks. Have a great week yourself. xo

    Lisel, Babysis, GB, the nearest ocean would be the Pacific and that would be about 5 hours away. Thus your question is a good one. ;0)

    Lisa, doing okay here. Thanks. There's a diner called the Cozy Diner in Paradise. I must check it out to see if it is cozy. Hang tough, my friend. xo

    Olavo, no worries. Thanks so much. It's great to meet you. [~;

    Ames, its historical for the gold rushers. I don't know if/how much actual gold was found. xo

    Gayle, most haven't. It's smack dab in the middle of the real northern CA, and it's really beautiful. =o)

    CB, thanks. xo

    Amy, I appreciate your visit. [-:

    Kaishon, thank you. It mostly lives up to it's name. xo

    Sonya, I would too. Thanks for visiting. =-}

    Alex, I wasn't even tempted, though I did walk up to the "No Trespassing" sign to get a good picture. xo

    We're all ready for you, John! LYMI right back atcha. [-:

  17. Those are the highlights? OMG. That is the kind of a town where really bad things come to life from deep underground and rise to the surface with a taste for human blood. Not that I am trying to frighten you or anything. YIKES!

  18. Um, yeah, thanks Kal. I'll just be living under this big rock for the next few years. Hope I can still blog and all. Toss me some chocolate. Would ya? xo

  19. Gee ... somehow I expected more from Paradise!

  20. Nice pictures....but paradise and guns don't jell well...the streets of Paradise once paved in gold now in the rainbow colours of Sundae...

  21. That dive shop looks like a updated version of the Bates Motel!

  22. California has tanning salons, seriously? That actually looks like my kind of town! I'm behind as to how you got there, or why. Not sure I'll ever catch up, but "Hello, Robyn!"

  23. Yeah, Robyn, I'd stay well away from that "Rod and Gun Club." First, they expose themselves. Then, while you're aghast looking at their "rods," they blast you in the head.
    Better to eat that huge ice cream thingie. Now, THAT'S Paradise!

  24. I love these pictures. This was a great idea and post. xo

  25. Those 26,000 plus folks in Paradise, Magalia and Stirling City are not going to be amused by some of the comments.
    I would be willing to bet, if you were to take a survey, most of those folks came from somewhere else?

  26. Poetry, thanks. Good to see you here. xo

    Beth, I understand. ;0)

    Rek, that's cute. I like it. It's ironic how gorgeous and peaceful the gun field is, though - at least when I stopped to shoot (a photo). xo

    Chuck, that's true. It really does. LOL. [-:

    Marlene, thanks for coming along. xo

    MsA, hi there! I've missed you, and I'm so glad you stopped by. You'd be surprised how many tanning booths there are in CA - even in the beach cities. It's ridiculous. Clearly they do a good business though. =o)

    Al, thanks for the advice. I'll do just that. xo

    Marnie, thanks. [~;

    IT, there are lots of locals or folks who moved here to retire. Nah, my followers are the non-offensive but honest types. That's why I love 'em. Plus, any publicity is good publicity, and I plan to finally put Paradise on the map where it belongs! xo

  27. Hmmm. Paradise, eh? I used to work in Paradis, Louisiana. Yes without the e. I think it came from the French spelling of Paradise. Honey, it was no paradise!

  28. I'll have to do that in my little town! What a great idea.

  29. Dive club? I thought you were among woods. Maybe they dive into a cave?

  30. Hmmmm, doesn't exactly look like my cup of tea - not much concrete and no skyscrapers.... but I'm sure you will find lots of fun things there that you can blog about!

  31. Beautiful place, the large cup of Ice Cream looks tempting... The place is rightly called paradise!!!
    Have a good day:)

  32. Robyn babe, you struck it lucky: Paradise has everything! You can eat your pretty sundae with one hand and fire off your Smith & Wesson with the other. Whoopee!! :^)

  33. Laurie, "Paradis" has a different ring to it. Thanks for visiting. xo

    Krissy, I'd love to see your town too. ;0)

    Sarah, I don't know and don't want to know. xo

    Cas88, definitely no skyscrapers. Two-story buildings are a rare find. [~;

    Arti, thanks for visiting. Have a good day too. xo

    Marg, now that's multi-tasking. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks. =0)

  34. I adore small towns and all they have to offer. My husband comes from a town of 190 people and we visit every christmas and they are always so cheery and thankful for family! It's amazing.

    I do love a big city for now though so Houston works for me, but I do love visiting Iowa each and every year.

    Fun blog! Fantastic post! I see that you signed up for the A-Z blogging challenge and just wanted to welcome you to the group! I'm one of the hosts so if you need anything just let us know!

  35. Love the order of things, guns, a dive, ice cream! I hope the ice cream shop is a gun free zone ;)
    Hope you have a wonderful week! Love seeing your pics!
    Lots of love
    gi gi

  36. I'm sure you won't spend time at the gun club, but you WILL be spending time at the chocolate place!!!

  37. Great pictures! And THANKS, now I want some ice-cream! lol

  38. Great town. I especially love the big sign that says Chocolate.

  39. Looks like Paradise in Paradise, indeed!

    I want to see more of that town.

    Love me some ice cream!

    B xx

  40. Wow. That place is really something! I'd love to visit there. THink of all the time I could spend in that dive place. Can't wait for the Chico experience.

  41. Just found you blog from Sarah's. I can't wait to really get to know it as anyone who has 45 comments is somebody I need to know, Joe! I'm going to follow so I can find you again!

  42. Jen, you're so hospitable. Thank you! xo

    Gigi, lots of love back to you. Thanks. :0)

    Pat, you got that right. xo

    Yvonne, sorry. You motivate me to exercise, and I motivate you to eat ice cream. Not exactly even, but we make a good partnership. {o:

    Whispering, thanks. Me too. xo

    Betty, I keep taking pictures through the eyes of a newbie, so there will be more. Thank you, friend. =o)

    Cheeseboy, come on by. And wear your Barnie costume. I assure you, you'd get a different reaction from the cashier's non-reaction. xo

    Julie, thank you for joining us. <-:

    Healthier/Sandra, I'm honored. Thank you. I think this is the most comments I've ever had. I certainly didn't expect it, but I'm thrilled. xo

  43. An adorable town for sure, bet its not easy to get used to but the charm....