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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Anti-Valentine's Day Hate Contest: Pro Self-Love Entries

Dearest Silly Hearts,
   The announcement was made. The entries were entered. This momentous decision is up to you!
   Please vote in the comments on your favorite Pro Self-Love Entry. Must be a follower of this blog. Vote for one and only one that isn't your own. If there's a tie, I'll break it. The winner will receive a very sweet package from Life by Chocolate's self-loving team (of one).
   I love you, my Sillies.
   Thank you!

I love me tender, love me true.
The rest of you can 

get back in the line.

Honey, please go take a hike.
My hand I love, you I only kinda like.

Ode to Batteries
Rayovac, Duracell
Powered up they’ll ring the bell
Energizer, Eveready
Won’t even ask that you wear a teddy

Self-love is my theme. Self-love is my dream. 
My psychiatrist and I scheme 
and decide it's hallucinogens I need 
to block the Valentine's screed. 
Bite me, Chocolate.

Looking into the mirror, I'm as special as I can be, 
cause there's nobody quite like to be you!

It pains me to have to disqualify these 2 below, due to word count (They're over 36 words). But they're very much worth the read!

I'm a pro, I'm the best
My love for me is above the rest
See my selfies, hear me roar
stuff of legends, part of lore
Never alone in my bed
all the voices praise in my head
turn out the light
but wear a teddy (just kidding Elizabeth)
love,love,love me
I am ready

Looking back on 11 years retirement, there are many jobs I hired that I used to do myself: tree-trimming, roofing, under-house plumbing --all within parameters of my pension. But love? Almost all who loved me never sent me a bill. (Sorry, 4 words over the limit)


  1. It's so hard to pick because they're all so good and worthy! But if I must pick only one then . . . Elephant's Child has my vote!

  2. Since he dared to go there, Pat Hatt gets my vote.

  3. Oh bummer, I missed to enter but I can vote and I love Elizabeth ode to some battery powered device of which I have no clue. If you believe that, I have some swamp land to sell ya. If I would have entered, I might have done something like this... Happy Valentines Day. Last night was beautiful Mary. ..”My name is Nicole.” ..whatever, it was nice. I’ll call ya.

  4. Hard to choose, but I'd go with Jamie's. I am shocked not to see entries from the Real Donald Trump and the Real Martha Stewart.

  5. Pat's and Elizabeth's are a dead set draw for me.

  6. Wow, voting is all over the place. Love this! Polls will be open until midnight my time.
    Thank you, Silly Hearts!

  7. I'm breaking rules and voting for Joann because she gave me a shout out and wears a teddy to please herself.

    1. If I had gotten here on time, I would have voted for you, Elizabeth.

  8. Ya'all are making this difficult for me.
    Polls still open.

  9. Elizabeth gets my vote! Some great ones indeed.

  10. yep,I got's all about ME.
    But with Valentine spirit - I vote for Elizabeth. Loved the batteries ode.

    and you enjoy your Friday - love or hate - have a super Valentine's my friend. (yes, I'm back on line - rah)

  11. I vote for Elizabeth. And I can't believe I forgot to enter! Oh well, next year :)

  12. I'm so glad I got here in time. This is one of my favorite Valentine's Day traditions and it wouldn't be the same without you, Robyn! These submissions were all very clever, but I have to vote for Janie. Janie really hit the nail on the head, as anyone who is that self-involved probably does suffer from hallucinations. But the negativity about chocolate was going a bit too far. Haha! This was fun!


    1. Julie, I've missed you. So great to hear from you. Janie is phenomenal and phenomenally silly, right?
      Yes, I must agree, however, that negativity about chocolate. And HERE? Of all places?!
      I'm about to post the winner.
      Much love to you, dear heart, on Self Love Day!

    2. I didn't intend to be negative. I want chocolate to bite me and do everything else that's worth doing.

    3. Haha. Oh Janie, I hope you got hurt so good by a big dark chocolate bar.