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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway!

Some Facts: 
  • Breast Cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide.
  • Men get breast cancer too, though at a much lower rate than women (under 1%).
  • There are 1.38 million new cases of breast cancer worldwide each year.
  • 458,000 of these people lose the fight.
  • It appears that incidences of breast cancer are about the same (at least, not vastly different) for developed vs developing countries.
  • 1 in 8 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • 40,000 of these women will lose the fight.
  • Over 2.8 million women in the US have survived breast cancer!
  • Early detection is key. So ladies, get a mammogram. Gentlemen, monitor those breasts of yours too. They may be smaller than ours, but they aren't immune to cancer cells. Don't hesitate to feel yourselves up. I recommend doing so in private, though.
A friend of mine who's a survivor warns that there are lots of scams out there. If you're going to donate to fight breast cancer, make sure the organization is legitimate.   

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), and in the hopes of lifting spirits, I'm hosting a giveaway. 

Please nominate either someone in your life who survived breast cancer, or the loved one of someone who fought breast cancer (whether that person won or lost the fight). Or nominate yourself, if you're a survivor or lost someone to breast cancer. 

Share a bit of their story in the comments section. (You need not disclose names, if you want to keep that confidential.) I'll draw a name at random from my Cassa mug (pictured in last post). The winner will get a copy of my poetry book, Just the Right Time, along with some very sweet fair-trade chocolate treats.

I'll announce the winner on Monday. Polls will be open through the weekend.

All I ask is that those who make nominations are followers of Life by Chocolate.

Thank you!

Be healthy and keep a smile.


  1. So good of you to post here raising awareness for breast cancer Robyn, it's such an important thing to beat and I never ever get tired of hearing about the people who beat breast cancer. It's interesting men can get it too, it just shows you nobody is safe through it's evil, really hope that somehow, either through the Susan G.Komen fund or other ways that a cure is found.

  2. Nice work Robyn.

    Fortunately, Ive had no one close to me with breast cancer but it is a horrible thing-same with prostate.

  3. Fortunately, no one close to me has had it, either.

  4. I am fortunate that nobody close to me has had it. but my girlfriend's family has been touched by it in the past. What a wonderful cause for a giveaway :)

  5. Love ya Robyn. I too have seen a lot of patients suffering with it, but thankfully, no one close.

  6. Nobody close to me has suffered from it from my knowledge.

  7. I'd like to nominate my friend Elaine who is currently battling breast cancer. She is having her radiation treatments now. The chemo made her quite sick and landed her in hospital a couple of times. But Elaine has been a real trooper throughout. We all hope for a successful resolution and a long life ahead for her!

  8. An aunt of mine struggled with fighting breast cancer. So far she is winning the battle as it seems that it was diagnosed early enough that it could be taken care of. Thank you for raising awareness, Robyn.

  9. No one close has had it at my sea. Bowel though, been a few of them.

  10. Four years ago three of my college pals and I started getting together. Now in our mid-40s, our kids almost grown, we drew together, reunited, laughing like the school girls we once were.

    Our reunion after all these years, was motivated by the breast cancer diagnosis of one of us, Joan.

    Every year after,once a year, we got together, as Joan bravely fought. We shed tears over her fears-- not seeing her children graduate college, get married or meet her grandchildren.

    Last August (2012) was our last reunion. Joan slipped from our world that October. To all the kids she touched in her life of teaching, to her family and to us, her lifelong friends, it is a loss we still mourn.

    Here's to the awareness and hope for the future.

  11. I guess I'm blessed because I don't know anyone personally who has or has survived breast cancer. I will say that if this number of men were afflicted with something society would be far more inclined to address it.

  12. My paternal grandmother lost the fight against breast cancer. I really wish I would have had the chance to have met her. I hear she was a great lady, one with a really big heart. Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness.

    On a side note, I can't believe I wasn't following you on GFC! I guess I just make it a point to check here daily I forgot to click the follow button lol. I am now :)

  13. "... They may be smaller than ours, but they aren't immune to cancer cells. Don't hesitate to feel yourselves up. I recommend doing so in private, though."
    That was an adorable quote for men :)
    I don't have a story to share, but wanted to pop in and say how wonderful you are.

  14. I'd like to nominate my friend Jaime, who discovered a hot mass under her breast in 2008, at the age of 29. It was breast cancer and she went through hell with all of the treatments, radiation, chemo, etc. She lost her beautiful red hair, but she soldiered on. She named the lump Tumora and decided to adopt a warrior attitude toward defeating it. All that time, she refused to give up and refused to be 'poor me'. She's now cancer free.

  15. I love that you are doing something that brings attention to a great cause. My walking partner is a breast cancer survivor. Sally was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 28 years old and had to have a bilateral mastectomy. She has been cancer free for many years.

  16. Well, breast cancer has touched those close to me quite a few times. It killed my maternal grandmother as a young woman and my paternal grandmother was a survivor. A Coworker died young leaving a two-year old son behind. But my hero award goes to my great friend Carol wo has twice fought and beaten breast cancer with a positive attitude and incredible resoluteness. She is someone who appreciates lifes many adventures and gives so much.

  17. Thank you all for your open-heartedness.

    Debra, thank you for telling us about Elaine. Now, she'll have this blog community cheering her on too.

    Daisy, yes, thank goodness for early detection. Healing thoughts and strength to your aunt.

    Julie, thanks for sharing that story. It's very sad, yet very love-filled. Joan was clearly a shining star who touched many lives.

    Stephen, I never thought of that, but I'm sure you're right.

    Theresa, so sorry you lost your grandmother before you could even meet her. Second, I didn't notice you hadn't joined thru GFC. I was just glad to see another follow. I'm even more glad it's you. =)

    Dawn, you make me blush. I think the same of you. Thank you kindly.

    JoJo, what a wonderfully inspiring woman Jamie is. I'm so glad to read her story. Thank you.

    Cheryl, thank you. Sally is another heroine. Yay!

    Tammy, I didn't know about all your losses. So sorry. I'm smiling about Carol, though, and I'm glad you nominated her. Thank you!

    Hugs, love, chocolate, and good health, all. I'm looking forward to hearing more stories of courage.


  18. I'm blessed. Not only does no one in my family have it (or anyone I know for that matter), but I already won your very awesome book and some very amazing fair trade chocolate in a previous contest, so I'll pass on entering.

    I will say though, it's 100% true that you should always research where you donate. As for me, I prefer to donate time, not money, because I always know where that goes.

  19. Yes, men can definitely get breast cancer. My brother did, and he was only in his thirties at the time.

    Unfortunately, I know way too many people who've fought and lost a battle with breast cancer. I'd like to nominate my life-long friend Caryl, who won her fight, in spite of being told by her doctor that she was a goner at one point.

  20. Startling facts, Robyn. I don't know anyone personally who's had the disease, but I've heard some inspiring stories about people who've won the fight.

  21. It's so great that you're doing this Robyn! I know that you lost your mom at a young age to cancer. We lost our cousin several years ago to breast cancer. She left behind two small boys who were only two and four years old. I already have your wonderful book, and lots of chocolate. Looking forward to seeing the lucky winner!


  22. Sadly, I know too many people that have had it. Cancer rates are fairly high in my area. A former classmate of my husband had it twice. She is a teacher and had to drive up to Des Moines every day for chemo for 7 weeks. She is one of the sweetest people I know.

  23. What a noble post, Robyn. Thanks for the spotlight on this terrible disease.

    It comes at a difficult period in the lives of this household.

    A month ago, my twin sister went in for her yearly mammo and found out she had BC. They noticed this spot last year, but "weren't concerned," and didn't biopsy, although they did biopsy another area that proved to be calcification. We figured the other (you know, the one they weren't worried about!) was the same

    In this year's mammo, it had changed. A biopsy proved it to be what's known as Triple Negative BC, and is pretty serious. These past few weeks have seen many doctor's appointments: surgeon, oncologist, MRI's, an upcoming PET scan, and the like.

    So sis will need a double mastectomy. The cancer is close to the chest wall and has affected the nodes...scary shit. Almost six months of chemo will precede the surgery so they can shrink it first and get it more away from the chest wall. Nodes will be coming out.

    Both of us are scared, but putting it in God's hands (it just dawned on me—that sounds like God is copping a feel from my sis).

    This came to light a mere three months after Mom passed, so the reality of sis's mortality is staring us both in the face. Please keep her in your prayers.

    My aunt, a survivor, is doing well and has been lifting her up with hope and prayer.

    Thanks for this post, Robyn. :)

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  24. ABftS, yes. Time is much more valuable than money. I tell solicitors that I give my time every workday, as a social worker. Course, they still want my money.

    Susan, it angers me to hear about Doctors giving grim prognoses like that, but it inspires to learn of people like Caryl. Thanks.

    Julie, so sorry for your loss, and for her family's loss.

    Ruth, we'll send healing thoughts her way.

    Oh, Mike, I'm so sorry for your trauma atop of the trauma of losing your mom. Yes, I'll be keeping your sister in my prayers. Thank you for sharing her story, so that this community can offer support.

    With sadness and reverence for the courageous victims of breast cancer,


  25. Dear Robyn,

    Your posting brings further awareness and of course, if a lady, or a man, suspects something is wrong, quick action and seeing a doctor is vital.

    And thankfully, I have nobody I can make mention in the comments section.

    Thanks for doing this, Robyn. I will take the liberty of sharing your important posting.

    Gary x

  26. So wonderful for you to raise awareness and help out a good cause by reminding us all to pay attention to the ta-tas. My mother survived breast cancer and I am very proud of her. You rock, Robyn! Thanks for being such a great person!

  27. I appreciate your nomination Tammy! I am happy that my tests have shown me to be cancer free since my second time in 2007. I got the very upsetting news yesterday that one of my former colleagues at the American Cancer Society, Lara, has breast cancer that has moved to her brain and is being treated with radiation at UCSF.

  28. While I don't really know of anyone that has had breast cancer personally, I feel for anyone who has to go through such an awful thing. Good for you for helping to bring awareness.