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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Turkeys and Pests, Sundays in My City

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Unknown Mami 

I'm glad you made it to Chico, CA. We can offer you blue skies, sun and fresh, nippy air today. Afterall, Christmas is officially...
Thanksgiving too.
Can you find the three fearless turkeys? Do you know why they crossed this busy (small town "busy" means "not busy but they could've easily gotten killed and I could've too when I snapped these shots for your enjoyment") road?

They wanted professional assistance with controlling nasty pests. 

A humorous reminder that a certain dreaded "holiday" approaches. Never fear, the cast and crew at Life by Chocolate have loads of fun with it. (Stay tuned for a giveaway anti-Valentine's day contest.)

Thank you for visiting. Have a great Sunday and new week!


  1. T-shirt is funny.
    We get those wild turkeys here. They are really huge.

  2. You've certainly seen your share of turkeys!

  3. I'm more worried about the bush than the turkeys - it's a lot less mobile, for one thing. Valentine's Day should be a day of commemoration for Al Capone's victims.

  4. This just reminded me that Valentine's Day's coming soon and that always brings me down but I still love this post Robyn, love the shirt though.

  5. YW, yeah, I wish it came a little bigger. I'd like one.

    GB, that would pose a challenge for Hallmark and See's Candies. I like it.

    MsA, yes, in human and bird form.

    Alex, and they're not bright, are they? These ones had no qualms about stopping traffic.


  6. \
    We love seein' wild turkeys 'round here.

    Poor pitiful Christmas tree.

  7. We have alot of turkeys here too. Unfortunately we can't kill them. They drive cars and get in my way. Ah city living. Over it.

  8. Those turkey's may become roadkill if they don't watch their step, but better than buying into that valentine's day crap..haha

  9. I want that onsie. How freaking cute is that? : ) Single and LOVING it!

  10. Love that onesie!!
    Yeah, the wild turkeys around here are pretty bold (stupid?)too. Fun stuff :)

  11. Turkey's apparently have calendars too! Except they circle the dates when they are NOT celebrated!!

  12. I want that onesie! I don't mind Valentine's Day anymore, it doesn't even phase me. -yeah right.

  13. Well that's an appropriate place for a Christmas tree. Lol
    I can only imagine that turkeys have a HUGE problem with termites. Probably more than anyone. :) Happy Sunday!!

  14. I bet the turkeys have a termite problem. I knew a few chickens that had a bad roach issue.

  15. Glad no turkeys, chocolates, or connoisseur's of chocolate were destroyed for these photos Robyn!

  16. I was in Chico once, a long time ago - for a bicycle ride. I think it was a century. Laughed at the t-shirt.

  17. Does that onesy come in an XXXXXXL? Uh, asking for a friend.

  18. Like the blog title - beats death by chocolate

  19. Keetha, they're fun to watch because they're so fearless (a nice way of saying "stupid").

    Anthony, turkeys are the most obnoxious drivers, aren't they? LOL.

    Pat, I wonder if they wander at night like that. If so, they will surely end up on the dinner table.

    LifebyKaishon, it IS so freaking cute that I had to take a photo. Thanks.

    Lexie, we think alike. See my comment to Keetha. Thanks.

    Chuck, that's funny. These ones haven't gotten 2013 calendars yet.

  20. Yvonne, I keep trying to convince myself of that. Now I just celebrate it as Chocolate (& Anti-Valentine's) Day. It's sweet this way.

    BabySis, yes, termites and turkeys don't enjoy a peaceful coexistence. It's a shame. =)

    PTM, meanwhile, the termites are out looking for help getting rid of turkeys. There's been an ongoing rivalry that few know about.

    Thanks, Julie. Me too. I wanted to get closer but realized I was only getting closer to traffic. The turkeys were camera shy.

    Rhonda, I'm glad you were here. Chico is ranked as one of the best cities for bikeriding in the US. Yet I don't even have a bike.

    BnB, I'll inquire for you - er, your friend. I only saw this size, but there's clearly a need for some X sizes.

    Thanks, Along. It does beat the alternative, doesn't it?

    Be well, everyone.

  21. Is that "Single" tee shirt a one-sy?
    Talk about incontinence.
    Must be for a senior citizen.
    On the other hand, something like that will probably end up in my dresser.

  22. Very cute!

    I forgot you're in Chico. I grew up in Chino and people used to say, "Oh, there's a good university there." And I responded, "No, it's a good prison."

  23. I have never seen turkeys with such smooth coats. California wild turkeys gettin' all fancy!

  24. Turkeys in street is never a good thing. Granny always said "there are old turkeys and there are dumb turkeys, but there are no old dumb turkeys."

    The day AFTER Valentine's Day is the day I want to be awakened from my medically induced coma. The coma is to be initiated the day before Halloween.

  25. In my neck of the woods there are a band of moroding chickens and their gang leader a cocky rooster. You my friend are a dedicated blogger risking life to get the shot for us! Now about Valentines day.......UGH! and Double UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne

  26. Love the "dreaded" holiday reminder! However this year I am determined to make V-day fun :)

  27. those california wild turkeys look really cute!