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Sunday, January 6, 2013

DuPont, A Packers Fan: Sundays in My City

Hi, friends. I'm jumping in on Sundays in My City, hosted by the extraordinary UnknownMami. Visit her blog here for a scenic worldwide tour.  Today, I have pictures of the first week of 2013 in my hometown, Chico, CA.

Our town mascot - whose actual name is DuPont (I just learned this, and DuPont is a male cross-dresser) was ready to cheer on the Greenbay Packers because...

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) waves to fans after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in their NFL NFC wildcard playoff football game in Green Bay, Wisconsin January 5, 2013. REUTERS/Tom Lynn
..Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, does Chico proud. He's from this city, and Rodgers didn't disappoint last night. Congratulations on defeating the Minnesota Vikings, Rodgers! (Sorry, Pearl.)  [Photo stolen from Yahoo News page]

Feline friend, Mojo, attended my New Year's Book Launch party.


Others, in human form, attended too. It was a great way to start a new year. I hope 2013 has been a good one for you, too, so far. 

Thanks for visiting. Be well, Happy 2013, and go Packers! (Disclaimer: I am not a sports fan. Not until now.)


  1. Look at you all smiles! You look terrific! Way to go, Robyn!

  2. Well done on Rogers, that's a massive sounding victory. I'm with Ms A about you as well, you look amazing here at this book signing, hopefully it went well!

  3. Look at you!! Awesome, Robyn. Yes, the Packers took apart the Vikings. My team's not in the playoffs, which is good - now I can sit back and enjoy our greatest sport. Bring on the buffalo wings and Super Bowl party!

  4. Robyn, thanks for jumping on the Packers bandwagon...we are coming west to SF for a little payback on the Week 1 defeat back in September. Go Pack Go...keep rooting, Dupont.

  5. Great book signing! Yay!!!

    Sorry, but I hate the Packers with every fiber of my being and hope they CHOKE! Until Aaron wises up and leaves, he must be equated with Cheesehead Evil. ;)

  6. Lest you think the hate is all on me, it's not. Chicago and Green Bay are mortal enemies and our goal every Fall is to the see the other destroyed and toil in abject failure. LOL

  7. I don't know why Dupont has got a hunk of cheese on his head, but I like the look of your book launch party. Is that blackcurrant juice the guests are drinking?

  8. DuPont is a Cheese Head! He must have been a good luck mascot.

  9. Don't follow football much at all, and that is just like a cat to be there at one's mat.

  10. Lovely photo Robyn, and it looks like your book launch was a success! There has been a long running rivalry between the Bears and the Packers. Though DuPont is a stunner, I cannot fraternize with the enemy this week. I'm sure his/her next costume will be a huge hit!

  11. Not a football fan but I hope for your sake The Packers do well.

  12. wow - look at you Robyn - what a fab event. The horse is kind of cheesy.

  13. The Packers looked amazing yesterday; I expected the game to be a lot closer than it was. But NEXT week is the game I'm looking forward to... the Falcons and the Seahawks. (GOOOOOO, Falcons!!!)

    Congrats on the book launch. What a perfect way to start a new year.

  14. Thanks so much, MsA, Yeamie and Alex.

    Melissa, I'm laughing. I just learned about Aaron Rogers. I won't be watching the game, but I do want the Packers to win. Sorry.

    GB, there was no blackcurrant juice. I'm not sure what that is, but it doesn't sound tasty.

    Tara, yes, I think the cheese helped.

    Pat, yes, the cat was well behaved.

    Empty Nest, the 49er's vs the Packers game puts DuPont's owners in a bind. Many locals are 49ers fans. They may keep DuPont hidden for a bit - purely for his safety.

    Thanks, Stephen.

    David, thank you. It was really great.

    Chuck, see above. I'll be cheering for Dupont. I mean, the Packers. Go, Packers!

    Susan, I'll say "Go Falcons!" for your sake. Thank you.

    Have a great Sunday and new week and go Packers!

  15. I don't know diddly about American Football, but I do know that I like Dupont the Horse!

  16. I think that cheese atop the horse's head might be moldy. I missed the book signing?!?!?!?!?!?!!


  17. DuPont makes a very handsome Cheesehead.

    I knew Aaron Rogers went to Cal, but didn't know he was form Chico.

    He is a GREAT QB, and makes funny commercials too!

  18. Nice pictures! Yay for you!!!

  19. Hey, it's okay to jump on the bandwagon. Now that we have Peyton Manning and we're one of the Super Bowl favorites, everyone in Colorado is a Broncos fan.

    Oh, and congrats on the book release party! I've always wanted to have one of those. But... I hear you need actual friends for those.

  20. Book Launch Party and a Pretty Party Dress too! You go, girl!

  21. Love DuPont :D
    Way to go on the Launch party!!

  22. Hey Robyn! Congratulations on your book! You know, I'll be getting a copy! Happy New Year to you also... I'll be back to catch up later!

  23. I'd like to see the Packers win. I'm a Giants fan (New York variety) so it's not like I have any other team to watch.
    Party sounds like it was a great time.

  24. Me neither. Aaron is kind of cute too, though, so I'm cheering for the Packers.

    PTM, don't worry, I sent you some chocolate cake.

    Keetha, I was pretty sure you'd have input. I'm glad to know Aaron went to Cal. I did too. So, is he single?

    Thanks, Yvonne.

    B&B, cats would work too, especially the ones carrying cash.

    Betty, thank you. Yes, it was a great way to start the year.

    Thanks, Lexie. DuPont is ever the charmer, isn't he?

    Thanks so much, Pat. It's great to see you back.

    Al, yay, another Packers fan.


  25. Go Pack!
    Love that cheesehead!

  26. I have me a copy of that book and think it is fabulous!!! Just wish I could have attended the shindig!

  27. Aw! Wish I could have attended your launch! You look beautiful and so happy. :)
    Such a good book, too!!

  28. What an exciting opening to the new year, Robyn. Absolutely rawkyn!

    Come re-read Bird by Bird with us. It would be great to have you!

  29. DuPont is probably going to be the most popular horse in the world thanks to you. Think of the contracts he'll sign!! :)

  30. morethan, thank you so much for buying the book. I'm glad you like it.

    Dawn, you're a good friend. Thanks, doll.

    ML, thank you. I'll check in soon.

    BabySis, I really should get a piece of the action, but I'll settle for a Packers win this weekend.

    Be well, all.

  31. yay for you!

    enjoyed the pictures!!:)


  32. You look so cute and happy with your book.

    So proud and glad you finally got there.


  33. Love your smile. Congratulations on the book launch. Wishing you much success.

  34. Thanks so much, Betty, Anthony and Unknown. Wish you all could've been here.


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