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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Triple Treat

Remember when authors were people who we imagined lived in remote castles on mountaintops at the end of the earth, with 23 cats and a spouse that brought them tea but otherwise never disrupted their writing time? It's such an honor to be friends now with actual authors, warm-hearted folks who are just one keyboard click away. It's even more exciting when they publish. So, today I proudly present three author friends' recent accomplishments:

[Insert my frustrated growl here.
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Please visit these guys' blogs to link to their books.]

If you don't know Alex J. Cavanuagh, welcome to the blogoverse. That is, you must be new around here. No worries, follow Alex's blog. He'll connect you with slews of amazing bloggers, movie and music snippets, blogfests, and a lot more. Alex is such a skilled writer, he makes aliens seem incredibly human. Sci-fi never was my thing. Because of Alex, though, I'm now enjoying CassaFire. It's the second sci-fi book I've read, the first being CassaStar. I'm hooked.

Alex broke 1500 followers this week. Here's his related announcement: "To celebrate 1500 followers, I’m holding a giveaway – a copy of CassaStar and CassaFire! The books will be donated to the winner’s choice of public or high school library, along with a selection of bookmarks. (The winner also gets bookmarks.)"
 [Frustrated growl goes here too.]

Al Penwasser, aka Author Kenneth Lynch, is one of my favorites. One minute, Al P. was asking fellow bloggers for input on e-publishing. The next, he was announcing that he'd published Shag Carpet Toilet.  It's an amazing book, too - as deeply touching as it is hysterically funny. This story about boyhood friendships, life, love, loss, Catholic school, and a shag carpet toilet is reminiscent of my favorite Rob Reiner creation, Stand by Me. It left me with the same heartwarming feeling of nostalgia capped by gratitude that I never had to experience life as a boy.

[Al's blushing right now because he didn't ask me to endorse his book. He's too humble. He simply and generously let me read it. I'm very glad I did, and I'm sure you would be too.]
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[...and here.]

It's always Rhyme Time for Pat Hatt. The man even comments on his comments in rhyme, it's amazing. His first children's book is fun and action-packed. The story's told through rhyme, and it's wonderfully illustrated. If you have kids in your life, they'll love The Swashbuckle Chuckle. 
May you find opportunities to enjoy great books this weekend!


  1. And pretty soon we'll be reading your book, my talented, lovely friend!
    BTW, love Penwasser, and I think I read a Patt Hat comment on your post one time and laughed for days.

  2. Whenever I have a decent amount of money I'll definitely be buying Al's book and one of Pat's because the guys are just so damn talented, I love them both.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww, I AM blushing! Thank you, Robyn.
    23 cats and a spouse????
    Golly, I KNEW 23 spouses and a cat didn't feel right.

  4. I should have been a author. I was halfway there with with all the outdoor cats I had a few years back.
    I will have to look up Pat Hatt. I know the other two.

  5. Ruth: definitely look him up. The guy is super talented.

  6. Dawn, aw thank you. You're sweet. I don't know about "pretty soon." Writing a book feels like the most never-ending process I've ever embarked on. I'm thinking I should've chosen to be a marathon runner instead.

    YW, they really are amazingly talented.

    Al P, yay, I made you blush again. Yes, 23 spouses and one cat is wrong. That cat deserves more of your attention.

    Ruth, halfway? You had 11.5 cats? Oh no, poor half-cat. And Al said the rest.

    Thanks, wonderful peeps.
    Happy weekend.

  7. No, Silly. 23 cats but no castle. My house does not qualify.

  8. LOL, Ruth. I sure did get that one wrong. Really? 23 cats? Oh my. You'd need a castle for them (and a really good therapist for yourself). Thanks for always making me laugh.

  9. And to think it all started with one stray that "shouldn't get fixed because she's a stray". We are now down to 4-5 outside and they are all fixed.

  10. Always looking for great new authors – and if you’re recommending them, they must be good!

  11. Wow, thank you so much Robyn!! So glad you took a chance on a science fiction book because you liked the geeky author. You rock!

  12. Thanks a ton for the shout, being included with the other two is grand for my land. And 23 cats? Well I suppose it be easier than 23 spouses like Al said. Still you'd never be able to write because you'd always have to scoop the poop...haha

  13. On your recommendation, I'll check out these books.

  14. Ruth, 4-5 fixed and outdoors is manageable. Wait, we're still talking about cats. Right?

    Beth, they are, and each with a unique slew of talents.

    Alex, thanks for making my entry into the sci-fi genre not only tolerable but fun.

    Pat, nah, the spouse and servants would attend to all scooping and other household duties. Unless times have changed.

    Stephen, thanks. I'm confident you'll like what you see/read.


  15. Cats. Sure. I meant cats. ;)

  16. I agree that Al's book is wonderful and he's incredibly funny and loyal. Speaking of loyalty, Alex also tops the list. I haven't met Pat yet, but since you put him in this company, I know he must be special too. Julie

  17. ooo you are hanging out in exalted circles Robyn. TBF I have Salman Rusdie on Facebook but he doesn;t contact me very often

  18. Very cool, Robyn!! Congratulations to everyone!!
    Well deserved drumrolls happening over here!!
    Bon week-end!

  19. Love Alex and will check out the others! It gives us all hope! How are you, my friend? Sorry I have not been around too much lately.

  20. There WILL come a day when I will join the ranks of the published. I didn't used to believe that but I've accepted that it could happen. When it does you will definitely be on my list of reviewers! :)