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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sundays in My City of Chico

Unknown Mami
Hello! Welcome to Chico, CA for another edition of Sundays in My City. UnknownMami hosts this wonderful tour of bloggers' hometowns. Visit her site to visit the world.
When I asked the store's young employee why town mascot, Du Pont, is sporting zebra garb, she said, "because it's cool." Can't argue with that. She added, "It's his favorite color." Can argue with that, but I didn't, because it's cool.

Remember the pumpkin from last Halloween that looked like this in June?
It looked like this last week and has finally been laid to rest in a nearby trash bin. 

Can you name this bird? Over a dozen were hovering on branches of trees along Honey Run Road, where Chico borders Paradise.
Wait, I can't let you leave without showing you something pretty.
If you're a facebook friend, you've seen this photo. I probably also posted these roses here before. They just do so well to compensate for less pleasant sights.

Have a peaceful Sunday and new week!


  1. I quite like Du Pont in the zebra outfit.

    Your birds look to be buzzards/vultures.

  2. DuPont looks very Savvy.
    I like your town.
    I must put my town in photos up one day soon.

  3. Are those vultures?
    Amazing how long a pumpkin can last. We had one make it a full year before we had to chuck it.

  4. I agree with the guy in the shop actually Robyn, it looks very cool and Du Pont rocks the zebra look, great post!

  5. DuPont looks fabulous in zebra stripes, very summer sassy.

  6. Every horse deserves a coat of zebra stripes. Especially the Chico horse, of course.

  7. The birds are vultures and Dupont is wearing my favorite choice of colors when I travel.

  8. Seeing a group of vultures hanging around in a tree staring at me would make me a little nervous. I'd want to yell, "Don't rush me! Don't rush me!"

  9. I guess the pumpkin isn't immortal

  10. I must be the only person in the world who doesn't think it's cute to put clothes on animals. Even the not live ones. As soon as I saw that horse dressed as a zebra, I thought, "I am so glad that horse isn't living or he would be miserable. Animals simply aren't meant to wear dresses."

    Whenever I see vultures gathered like that I get a chill up my spine. Something is dead somewhere close... ugh.

  11. haha the horse looks rather nifty. But he is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

    Ummm buzzards?

  12. Just curious how the store employee discerned that Dupont would rather zebra print over a leopard print?

    Anywho...You have some seriously hardy pumpkins. I have had them go bad the week of Halloween.

    I don't no anything about birds but seemingly the other commenters say those are vultures. Doesn't that mean something is decaying. Perhaps your pumpkin.

  13. MsA, Alex, Susan, you're right. They are vultures. What kind of vultures are they?

    Susan & Robin, yeah. It's not an encouraging site.

    Robin, I'm humored by your comment. I agree, live animals shouldn't be dressed in human clothes. As for DuPont, he keeps things interesting for us.

    Thank you all for visiting, and for your kind comments.

    Be well.

    Keep a smile and a stash of chocolate.


  14. Love the Zebra! And RIP to the pumpkin.
    Have a great Sunday!

  15. Hi, I'm new : ) Your city is lovely and interesting. Makes me want to go out and take some snaps, too!

    Loved the pumpkin. I have a serious thing for fall.

  16. Very sexy zebra pattern :)

    Rest in peace, pumpkin!

  17. Not sure what I think about putting clothes on animals. If my cat would wear it I would love to have a Batman mask with little pointy ears for him to wear.

  18. I don't think Dupont would last long in the Serengeti dressed like that. Maybe he'd give the lions a few splinters before the realised he was inedible.

  19. LOL, that Du Pont can carry off the zebra print very well. I know very few bird names but those sure remind me of vultures. Love the rose.

  20. Yes, those birds are Turkey Vultures. They're not pretty, especially when you see them close-up. Shudder.

    Happy Sunday, all.

  21. That's not just zebra stripes - that's psychedelic zebra stripes!

  22. A horse in zebra print! haha, I love it...Vultures up close look so different from when they're flying above. At least to me, unless I really am not looking at vultures when they're circling above. Gorgeous photos.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  23. Turkey vultures? LOVE that flower!

  24. Lovely roses and other shots too.
    Glad to see you out and about.
    Sundays for me are always work.

    So I love Mondays.


  25. Now, we're talkin'! Dupont looks fantabulous in zebra print.

  26. That Du Pont is a real clothes horse!
    Round here we call those birds either Turkey Vultures or Buzzards. Other than that nasty head, they are beautiful birds!

  27. Yep, I'm backtracking to your previous posting which actually is this posting. That made no sense. Call me consistent.

    When I get onto your comments section, I cannot see your photos. Which means, I'm going to bring up your posting on another window or whatever the hell it's moment, please...

    Okay, I notice a horse looking like a zebra. Or a horse wearing pyjamas.

    Poor pumpkin. Cinderella will be most disappointed.

    Those birds are shit hawks.

    Say hello to Rose for me.

    Your starstruck fan,

    Gary :) x

  28. Rip little pumpkin! I'd like to know what you guys are injecting in your pumpkins there. I buy little ones in the beginning of October, then pray they last until I have my Halloween Party. We usually have a few rotted before then though :(

  29. love that horse in zebra print.
    great outfit! lol

    love sundays in your city of chico.


  30. I didn't know zebra was a color. It looks good on him. Love the rose!!

  31. Those roses are gorgeous!

    And yes, I totally agree that a horse in a zebra outfit is tres cool.