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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ducks and the Moon, Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami is our weekly party hostess extraordinaire. Visit her site here to appreciate scenes from across the globe. Hopping from city to city always leaves me feeling privileged to be here in blogland.

Welcome to Chico, in Northern California. This week, I visited with some ducks and gawked at the moon. Excuse me for cheating on the "Sunday in my City" thing. The moon shots were, obviously,  taken at night -  a few nights ago.

Chico has its share of quackers.

                 This one needs a caption. Any suggestions? "Wanna neck?"

   Moon over Chico..

Thanks for stopping by. Have a relaxing Sunday and new week!


  1. That's what I call a goose with attitude. Do people feed them? I like to see ducks chasing stale pieces of bread.

  2. I love ducks! We raised some when I was a kid. Happy memories mostly!

  3. Your ducks made me smile, I also love "shooting" ducks, their tenacity in all weather is examplary.

    Your moon is gorgeous.

    Have a great week. :)

  4. The duck in the first photo is huge haha, I do love ducks though, there's a duck pond around here and I have some fun childhood memories from then, especially my brother being chased by a goose! Great photos Robyn.

  5. Freaky moon shots, Robyn! Hey, the moon shines over your city, so that counts.

  6. That's a lot of ducks and geese. Birds can be some fun photo subjects.

  7. "Ducks and the Moon."
    Sounds like the title of a poem or a children's story. :)
    Great photos!

  8. Love the ducks. I enjoy watching ducks. I always imagine their conversations :-) The moonlight photos are lovely.

  9. Wow those ducks look to be ready for a thrill and the goose seems a tad bossy. Maybe it was the moon.

  10. Possible caption: Just look at your neck! Maybe you've got that disease that turned Michael Jackson white.

  11. GB, yeah, they'd just been fed. They were scrambling to get as much as they could.

    Beth, ducks are fun, though I don't think I'd have patience (as a kid or adult) to raise even a small quiet-ish one.

    Raymonde, they are great photo subjects. Aren't they? Thanks.

    MsA, thanks.

    YW, he is super huge, and he let me take a close-up too. Must be like the spotlight. =)

    Alex, yeah, I think it's the clouds that gave the moon a freaky factor. I like it.

    Tara, there were so many, it was fun to watch.

    Beth, it's a weird combination, but not for kids literature. A worthy thought. Thanks.

    LaPrincipessa, thank you.

    Vidya, ducks tell so many stories. Don't they? They're so entertaining. Thanks for visiting.

    Pat, yeah, that goose is definitely an alpha male.

    Stephen, LOL. Great caption. Thank you.


  12. The ducks are too cute! Looks like they are fairly friendly. I remember growing up a couple were pretty mean (usually the ugly ones. HA). That was scary as kid.

    LOVE the foggy moon. Great shot!

  13. That white duck is really flauntig his superior size! At a loss for a caption I'm afraid but it's a good picture. The moon shot, now that is one creepy looking moon. Should save that one for Halloween!

  14. Ooooo, that moon looks like the vampires might come out!!! WOW.

  15. I love those ducks. I now live by a small lake and there are always lots of cute little duckies.

    Who cares if you cheated on the moon shots? They're gorgeous to look at and that's the point. :)

  16. Those are some awesome moon pictures!! Pretty ducks too, but I can't see ducks anymore without thinking of the ducks we sold and how much they stunk. They are good looking, though!!

  17. So, ducks howl at the moon? Who knew?
    What a quack up.

  18. such a beautiful series of photos!!
    well done.

    love the ducks:)

    big hugs!

  19. I like the moon over Chico. Ducky post.

  20. Nice photos Robyn! The ones of the moon are very eerie...

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