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Sunday, May 19, 2013

600 Thanks! Sundays in My City, and a Personal Note

This post combines gratitude with Sundays in My City, followed by a personal note.

(1) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, all 600+ of you for jumping aboard Life by Chocolate! I'm especially grateful to my regular commenters. But "commenters" sounds so impersonal. You're my friends. Your words motivate me to keep blogging, and our shared laughter keeps me smiling.  I truly appreciate you.

I also recently exceeded 100,000 page views - which is incomprehensible (in a good way) to me. WOOHOO! Nothing can keep me down.
(2) Now, welcome to Chico, CA.

Have you ever seen such a low low rider?

                                                                          Great sentiment!

I've seen several of these caterpillars recently. They're pretty pretty and only a little bit creepy.
Please visit UnknownMami's Sundays in My City here to tour the blog world. It's always fun and fascinating.


(3) I'll be away from blogland for at least a few having surgery on Monday afternoon, 5/20. If you want to read about it - it's kinda heavy and very personal, so I won't be chronicling that story at Life by Chocolate - go here. But no worries. Positive thoughts only, with smiles and chocolate somethings/anythings but Hershey's.

Be well, have a great week, and I'll see you soon.


  1. Congrats! Love your pics. And don't forget us little people that still loved you before your fame and fortune. :)

  2. Now *that* is most certainly a low rider....and I now have that song stuck in my head. Thanks?

  3. Congratulations!
    And I will be praying for you tomorrow. Everything will go fine and you'll be back with us before you know it.

  4. Here's hoping your surgery goes well. I'm sending positive thoughts your way. Take care.

  5. Hey, congratulations on the readers and the pageviews! That's no small feat.

    And good luck with the surgery. Both my mother and my mother-in-law have had that surgery, and my mother especially felt so much better after having hers.

  6. Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow -- I'll be thinking of you and sending best wishes your way for an easy op and a quick recovery. And you're quite right to reject that inferior Hershey's chocolate -- only accept the good stuff!

  7. MF, silly, lady. You're hitting fame and fortune before me. Well, we'll just keep dreaming about at the same time. Right? We'll be there together, at least in dreamland. We go way back, don't we?! You're a peach, a tough & lovable one. Thanks.

    MsA, ditto what I wrote to MF, and dream about the fame and fortune along with us. Thanks for being such a loyal.

    Jacqueline, oh no, I'm SO SORRY! =) Thanks for your support too. It means a lot.

    Alex, "thank you" doesn't cut it. Wish I had more words than that. You're truly special.

    Stephen, I really appreciate it and you. Thanks.

    Bryan, it's very relieving to hear/read that. The more upbeat stories I hear about it, the better I feel. Thank you!


  8. Congrats on all the follower/friends and so many pageviews. Wowzer. And I've had the surgery myself. Seems scary, but you'll be fine in a couple of weeks. Just take it easy and let others pamper you for awhile if you can. :)

  9. Hi Robyn,

    Nice going on getting past the 600 plus followers mark. I'm shocked that after having a blog for over six years that I have nearly 400 folks who have linked into my site.

    Yes, we leave comments as friends within this great community. Your kind interaction is always appreciated :)

    And quite the page views. Chico is all the better for you living there.

    I'm sending you positive thoughts on your surgery, dear lady.

    In kindness,

    Gary :) x

  10. Congrats on the blog success and prayers for your surgery and a fast recovery!

  11. Congratulations on your blog posts and followers! Yay! And prayers with you as you head into surgery.

  12. Congrats and may your surgery go well on Monday.

  13. Congrats on the 600+...just a small reflection of how entertaining you are.

    Sorry to hear that you require surgery. I send positive thoughts your way for all to go well and your speedy recovery.

  14. That caterpillar almost looks chocolate. Good luck with the surgery.

  15. Oh wow Robyn, I had no idea that you were headed for surgery. Seriously hope that everything goes fine, I know it's not going to fun but hopefully you get on the mend soon and please let us know when you're able to Robyn, I'll be thinking about you. Congratulations on the 600 too, a true testimony of your talent and how well loved by us you are!

  16. Congrats on attracting all those groupies and page views! You're getting to be a regular rock star of the blogosphere.

    Um, that is the weirdest looking caterpillar I've ever seen. Looks like parts of him might glow in the dark...

    Good luck with your surgery. Wear a dab or two of perfume. What the heck? You did say the surgeon is a cutie.

  17. Congrats indeed on both feats at your feed. And hope all goes well too, and you are out of the germ ridden place as fast as can be.

  18. I've got the song "Low Rider" by the band War stuck in my head!

    Congratulations on the readers and page views. I am a new follower, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts over time.

    Good luck with your surgery!

  19. Congrats on the popularity of your blog

    I'll be thinking about you at least until you return

  20. There's more than 600 of us? No wonder it seems crowded!
    Good luck with the surgery!

  21. If I were in your neck of the woods, I'd bring you some chocolate for your recovery. My sister had one several years ago. Take care!

  22. LG, thanks for sharing your story, the reassurance and advice. It really helps. Thanks.

    Gary, thanks for your sweetness.

    Ayala, thank you, for the congrats and prayers.

    Julie, it's exciting. Thanks for your cheer and well wishes.

    Diane, I appreciate it.

    Cheryl, you're very kind. I'm so glad for our connection. Thanks.

    Keetha, were it not for the bright orange, I might've popped it into my mouth.

  23. Yeamie, you're one of the kindest people I know. Your comments always mean a lot. I didn't know about the surgery either until 3 days ago. It's probably best that I didn't have more time to get anxious.

    Susan, ah, perfume. Great idea! Thanks.

    Pat, thanks, and I hope so too.

    Plowing, I'm so glad for our newfound connection. So kind of you to stop by. Thank you.

    IT, I appreciate it and you and you, IT. Smiles.

    Al, yeah, and everyone tends to cluster around the punch bowl. Why is that? The punch isn't even very good.

    Thanks, Ruth, for the chocolate thoughts and well wishes.

  24. Congrats on the views and followers, good luck too!

  25. My husband used to be all about import cars and such. Low riders were all the rage around here about years ago. I am kind of glad that phase has passed lol.

    Best wishes on your surgery!

  26. That low rider is CRAZY!
    I like the caterpillar.
    Speedy recovery!

  27. I bet that low riding truck can make some sparks going down the road.... Hope the gas tank rides high.

  28. good luck with surgery :( never fun

  29. Hey sister! Going to keep my prayers going for you and prepare lots of funny stories to keep you laughing in the recovery. Huge hugs!!

  30. Congratulations on your numbers, and I hope your surgery went well.


  31. Congrats!! love your pictures. I don't know about riding in that car. I can imagine the scraping noises it would make:)

  32. Hope you're recovering from your surgery!

    That is a low, low, low rider!

    And I hope your spirits are better, better, better!

    Hugs n' prayers.

  33. Congratulations! Have a lovely weekend :)

  34. Hi Robyn - so pleased your supporters are here and still joining you. Sincerely hope all went well earlier in the week, and that things are improving by the day ..

    All the very best - Hilary

  35. all for power to the peaceful...and htat lo rider might spark as it over from alex's promo of you today...

  36. Hi, Robyn.

    I hope all went well with your surgery.... MEND QUICKLY... The blogosphere needs you.

    Congrats on the YOU ROCK award. Such an honor. Nice to be in such good company.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  37. Love your pics! Congrats on the You Rock award at Alex's place!
    praying for you and your health.

  38. Robyn, Love Chocolate! I always say chocolate is a girl's best friend. lol!

    Low rider? I think that poor thing is doing it's best to imitate a grader. Bet it does a good job of that on gravel roads, lol!

    Surgeries are always nerve racking. Hope you fly through with sparkles and confetti! One think I have learned from having a few, give yourself time to recover. Rest. Read a good book or 4. Let yourself be pampered. Get well.

    Congratulations on your YOU ROCK award.


  39. I hope your surgery went well and that you make a quick recovery.

  40. I'm touched by all your love and support. Thank you so much, especially to Tara ( for being my local Captain-Heroine, and off course to Captain Ninja for all the support.

    I'm not ready to get back in full speed here, but I'm very thankful to be out-of-the woods.

    Much love and gratitude,

  41. Just read your post, and OMG - I feel terrible for getting so behind in my blog reading! Are you OK? How did it go?
    Sending you prayers and hugs and non-Hershey chocolate...

  42. dear robyn, i hope your surgery went well. mend quickly my wonderful friend!!i'm thinking of you.

    congrats on your "you rock" award.

    love and hugs.

    p.s. sorry for only just now commenting.

  43. Hello Robyn

    I saw your award on Alex's blog and popped on over to add my prayers for your speedy recovery and, now that I've visited, to tell you that you have a lovely blog...

  44. Congrats!

    I've never cared much for low riders myself. I had a friend who bought himself a full sized sedan based on the fact that it was sleek and black. He had it lowered, only an inch and a half mind...

    He and I went camping once, and as we were leaving, I was following him. I watched him slow WAY down sometimes, and go way out of his way to avoid small potholes and twigs and such.

    What a pain... I didn't see much of a difference, to be honest. Yes, when I looked at the before and after, I could see the size of the gap change... and I felt like it was too close to the tire.

    ...cause it was. :)

  45. Hi Robyn,

    I didn't realise you were having surgery until I read your Facebook update. Very glad to hear you got through it OK. Hope your recovery is progressing well.

  46. Adorable caterpillar -- only mildly creepy lol. I trust you are recuperating well now and enjoying lots of TLC! So glad to have discovered your sweet blog -- you now have a 606th follower :)

  47. Cute caterpillar - like his orange spikes.

  48. I know you're recovering well from the surgery--nobody with such bouncy exuberant curls and sunny smile could be down for long. Time to languish fascinatingly in lacy peignoirs and sip your cafe creme daintily and flirt a little bit with the (handsome, I hope) doctor.

  49. Congrats on your numbers. I'm sorry about your surgery!! I wish you good luck!!

  50. Congrats on all the followers! I'm happy to say that I knew ya when ya was nuttin'
    The surgery will be easier than expected and you will be just fine!
    (yes, I'm here from the future).

    I have an older truck than that one sitting in my garage. It is low, but not that low!